D.L. Chandler

Mike Brown Police Shooting Protests Spread On Social Media [Photos]


UnArmed 17 year old kid murdered by Ferguson Police .. 200 cops in riot gear with armed M -16s currently on the scene .. My mother jus called and said its basically a total police state in her neighborhood..cops entering homes freely .. No control over the situation .. Blocked off all perimeters entering and leaving the neighborhood .. All my national and international followers please share this .. My brother was on the scene and confirmed they shot him in the head .. He says maybe three head shots and two to the chest from what he saw .. 9-10 shots total ...

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  • Noble_Cause

    Black people gots to do better.

  • C J Jordan

    I feel like nwa. If u know what I’m sayin

  • DRUNK247

    Stop spamming we already got it

  • Brooklyn Jones

    It amazes me how our children arent even allowed to just be as if their very existence is a problem that must be rooted out