Chris Thomas

Mike Brown Outrage Sparks #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Hashtag [Photos]



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  • d

    Now these got me choked up.

    • You so dumb

      you dumb b#tch

  • You so dumb

    the fat chick needs to stop, nobody going to shoot a whale

    • Red

      the japanese

  • I’ve♥Changed

    Love it. Peacefully protesting.

  • DeeStar

    So sad but true!



  • chanicani

    I understand the point of the hashtag, but if people expect to be taken seriously or perceived in a particular light at ALL TIMES, then you simply cannot have certain types of pics posted on your social networking page. Just like teachers can be fired for pics, expect that the media will do their best to paint even the most accomplished individuals in a negative light if (heaven forbid) something unfortunate and tragic were to happen. Please do not give them any ammunition if your goal is for them to focus solely on the positive things you’ve done. It’s sad because I know that it is more or less harmless when you’re flipping the bird to the camera or having a much-deserved drink or clowning with your friends…but I think we all know the answer to the question as to which pic they’d use.

    • dom

      Stfu so we r supposed to live like slaves hiding out? How man white people got pics of themselves bonging, flicking the camera off, sticking their tongue out, etc. Gtfoh

      • chanicani

        You seem like the type of ignorant person that NO ONE would shed a tear for if the police #gunnedyoudown. Well, I know that I wouldn’t,anyway. I loathe stupidity and value reading comprehension skills…I could have SWORN that this article was about BLACK people…so I commented accordingly, and do not really care what white people do online.

  • Yea

    I think this is a good message…

  • guest

    Hip hop wired I commend you for putting this out there it needs to be more globalized. Set up a separate page so that more can add pics. Most people of color are judge strictly by the color or by their attire. #NEVERJUDGEABOOKBYITSCOVER

    • Mia C

      You HAVE to judge a person by how they look, walk and appear. If someone starts staring you down, hunching down low and they’ve got face tattoos and gang colors YOU NEED TO MAKE SOME SNAP JUDGMENTS AND PROTECT YOURSELF.

      Blck people (and all people) if you dress like a PROSPECT not a SUSPECT that is how you WILL get treated 99% of the time.

  • Create your own media outlet so that you won’t have to worry about the negative imagines they display of you, black people. #GroupEconomic

  • Kmnuoym

    If you don’t wanna be portrayed as a certain way then why act that way

  • Never Gave A F

    mike whoever is just the flavor of the week

  • Wtfcity

    This was a good idea.