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Never Forget: 12 Unarmed Black Men Who Were Shot & Killed By Police [Photos]

Photo: AP Photos

Photo: AP Photos

Timothy Stansbury Jr.

Stansbury had no record but was shot and killed by a cop who he “startled” as he patrolled the rooftop of a Brooklyn project.  The shooting was deemed an accident.

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  • Adrienne K.

    Was there some secret meeting that we don’t know about to take us all out? They’re declaring war on us!

    • Mia C

      You don’t get internet where you live? You don’t have newspapers where you live? Every one of us is more likely to get killed by a gang banger than anybody else. Then they write a lousy cRap about it, and you shake your b00ty to it and post about it right here. The real problem is the widespread violence in blck community all day every day, accidental police shootings are a symptom of the problem — not the cause.

    • theyuckyone

      Blacks have declared war on each other long time ago…..look at the black crime stats! Just like the muslims killing other muslims….who gives a crap!

      • Mahater

        The same people turning a blind eye to these us citizens murder. Will be the same ones that have their civil rights taken from them eventually this doesn’t stop w black people. If u condone this activity from the law your karma will make u a victim of crime as payment. So keep casting stones.

  • Me

    *I’m crying*

  • Mia C

    Never forget: 10,000 unarmed blck little kids gunned down by thugs celebrated on Hip Hop Wired … like Chief Keef and all his loser pals.

    Hip Hop is MAKING blck teens kill other blck teens by glorifying it every single day.

    • spreadLOVE

      Yes black on black crime is out of control. But that does not take away from these lost lives at the hands of police officers. They are killing unarmed citizens.

      • Mahater

        Copes killing citizens is NOT the same thing. All these people paid taxes to be protected not murdered! Cops are called to higher duty to serve and protect the civilians and these cases all show this did not occur. White people crack me up cheering on the murder of innocent people and then wonder why bad things happen to them an their loved ones. God is ALWAYS watching!

  • Mia C

    This site glorifies violence every day. Sick site creating little monsters. The only reason a blck man is accidentally mistaken for a violent felon is the 9 out of 10 blck gang bangers who ARE felons.

    So this site which creates, markets and glorifies violence IS the problem and you all have bl00d on your hands. You are creating violent blck youth.

  • theyuckyone

    1000’s of black teens/men are killed every year by other blacks………where is Al and Jesse? Stop killing each other and maybe the cops will stop as well……word!

    • Staytrue1

      Only a fvcking idiot would say some isht like that.

    • Mahater

      So are whites so it’s ok for a white person to kill another white? Your comparisons are ludicrous and show evidence of your complete ignorance.

  • PolkaDots

    Killers with badges.

  • Sleepy One

    To think this isn’t all of them. This is so sad, parents protect your children its not safe to be black anymore.

  • Cwild

    And let’s also not forget the 3000 unarmed white men who have also been gunned down, or are they not as important?

    • spreadLOVE

      Sure they are. But were they gunned down by racist black cops? Who then get off? Probably not.

    • Mahater

      Don’t try to distract from the situation at hand. If this is something you have never experienced then please stop your nonsense posts.

  • spreadLOVE

    No I am crying for Tupac and Biggie. Killed by?