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People Outraged President Obama Speaks On Robin Williams But Not Mike Brown [Photos]


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  • Jarvis Searight

    I was ticked off by this myself .

  • HotJupiter

    Why is the President so preoccupied with celebrities anyways? This insistence on being in the lime light and hobnobbing with the likes of Hollywood doesn’t help at a time when most of the nation sees him as a lackluster leader. But I digress, I would much rather hear how he’s going to check Putin before he checks the Ukraine…..wait wrong site.

    • Youknowwhatiitis

      This guy is a celebrity politician just like c00n a$$ MLK.

      • bigshot

        Dam u get it!!! These donkeys on here will come after u now lol

      • HotJupiter

        Yes as unfortunate as it seems, many of our figureheads only move to push an agenda that means nothing for the masses. No real work is done because real work is ugly an dirty.

    • jihad livingston

      Hollywood is the reason he’s president The media controls the minds of 85% of the masses

  • Steve Stone

    People on Twitter was hitting him hard for this. Even went so far as to call him a house nicca.

    Y’all ain’t playing

  • Youknowwhatiitis


  • Tender Roni

    When people show you who they are BELIEVE them. This man has showed people over and over again who he really is and what he stands for. No one and I mean no one should be surprised!

    • bigshot

      Yep but These black donkeys will follow this clown off a cliff Cuz his lips black and his wife black.

  • Ok

    Fuk 0Bama. . He only likes gays and muslims

    • jihad livingston

      He doesn’t like Muslims If he did OBL wouldn’t have been cilled in front of his family, he would’ve been captured and brought back to stand trial.He wouldn’t have indirectly sanctioned the senseless murder of Moomar Qadaffi either

  • Gigi

    I’m not surprised. Look how long it took him to speak on Trayvon…. It wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t address Mike Brown at all. He is a puppet.

  • Ricoswag305

    What he should be doing is asking why the police keep using excessive force. How many people need to die? Why are there always like 6 cops to one person, and that person ends up dead or seriously injured? Does it take that many cops to tackle one man down. Or how hard would it be to chase a man down without shooting him? What is the point in their training when they don’t use any of it.

    • jihad livingston

      You know what gets me A wild coyote ran through Central Park and it was sedated removed and set free in the wild yet a black man gets gunned down for pulling out his wallet When are the black cops gonna stand up and do something

  • you’sajoke

    Can you blame him? People are still saying, “if 0b@m@ had a son he would look just like that.” Whenever a bl@ck kid gets k!lled. They aren’t letting that go.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    And any “black” celebrity that directly openly address this issue (no blanket statements) ya’ll need to stop buying their bullsh|t…albums, clothes, movies…all of it, shut it down.

  • :)

    The situation with Mike Brown is very sad and unfortunate. But he cant speak on every young black man that is murdered. He took so much heat for even speaking on Trayvons case. We dont know what the facts are yet for the life that was lost In Missouri. Eric Holder made a statement and sometimes you cant just jump into it without knowing everything especially in the position hes in. I will say the police are going to paint this to be another ghetto reckless kid instead of police brutality…. all I can say is those people need to stop looting because its making the situation worse.

    • yung123

      This 100%….

    • smarty

      there is no serve looting going on, all the pic you see are from la riots back in the 90

    • smdh

      BUt he can take time off his vacay to speak about someone who killed themself?

  • Kat

    Robin Williams is more important than black men. It’s true.

    • jihad livingston

      A craka junkie who hung himself Yeah he’s a real role model Go hang yourself you’re wasting good oxygen

  • You so dumb

    yeah but robin williams did something great with his life, that blk kid was a thug and loser

    • truth

      How do you know?

      • Ashley

        90% of black males are thugs…duh.

    • jihad livingston

      He hung himself that’s not admirable

    • Shay Gaither

      He was a thug so you say; but he graduated high school and was suppose to start College that following Monday. Hmmm okay

    • Lost Soul

      He was about to go to college.

  • Iamia

    Because O Bama is not a serous man he wants to be a celebrity. O bama was manufactured by the elites in the upper echelons of the Democratic Party and the bankers whom he bailed out. He is the most tightly controlled President in history and only does what he is instructed to do. I’m glad I didn’t wast my vote on him. We need to stop throwing our votes away on the Democrats who consistently take us for granted. Nothing shocks me about this man who will probably end up in Hollywood when his term is over.

    • Vandellish

      Ditto that.
      People got mad at me cause I live in Chicago and voted for Cynthia McKinney in ’08 and Jill Stein in ’12. Hometown and racial/pride doesn’t obscure my objectivity. This guy is a foot shuffler and always has been. Watch him react to this very criticism and come out and say something about these police murders either today or tomorrow.

  • Shon Preston

    Instead of comparing we that care should be pushing the issue that this young man was killed in the streets for everyone to see for no reason. Let Robin rest in peace he had demons that he was obviously fighting but comparing each other’s media coverage ain’t doing ish stop falling for the bs & let’s get justice for Mike

    • Vandellish

      Hard to get justice for Mike Brown and the other recent victims of Police brutality and murder when the head guy is ignoring the issue.

      • Shon Preston

        That’s where we come together and make him notice what’s going on all I’m saying is there is no need to drag another person who is gone this has nothing to do with Robin Williams

      • Vandellish

        Mike Brown’s death has nothing to do with Williams. Still, the fact is the President mentioned Williams’ suicide, which is indeed sad, but pales in comparison to the unmentioned age-old police brutality issue against black males in particular IS something that needs to be pointed out IMHO.

  • nesha

    Black guys get shot everyday, hell yall kill each other all day everyday so why do he need to address everytime one gets killed or shot. Robin Williams was way more important than a Mike (whatever his name is) and yes im black i just dont care about another black male getting killed or thrown in jail!!!

    • Ashley

      Right?? LOL.

    • Vandellish

      You’re black?
      Yeah right.

    • jihad livingston

      You’ll care when it’s your family If you were a kraka I would smile at your comment being that you’re blok (allegedly) you’re a sad sak of schit Our concentration shouldn’t be on wite folks we gotta cill house njggas first

    • Sherry

      This is sad but true. Blacks get killed so much that people have become immune to it. Black folks have no respect for each other so why should anyone else?

    • Allen Glenn

      now you sound like a house nicca

  • eli wol

    Robin Williams did a lot for his country.. He entertained US troops in 13 different countries. He deserves presidential honors.

  • jihad livingston

    OB don’t got no connect nor do he want any with common blak people We are like the “slow” relative who stays in the basement until walking hand and hand with grandma in public

    • guest

      He really hates black men. He has shown nothing but disdain in many of his speeches. It would be funny if his daughters married black men but that will never happen.

      • jihad livingston

        Yeah, I really would like to capture the expression on his face if Malia marries someone who looks like Kimbo Slice or Bigge Smalls LOL

  • catherine

    If he spoke on every single Black man that was killed by the police, he wouldn’t have time to do his job.

    • guest

      And If he spoke on every single white dude who wasted his life on drugs he wouldn’t have time to brush his teeth.

  • volume control

    Why are people shocked? This president HATES black men. If his children ever tried to date a brother he would disown them.

    • smh.

      True. He has a very low opinion of black men. The irony is that the same white folks who hate him don’t see any difference between him and the black men he despises.

      • usvietnamvet

        How do you know what he thinks?

    • usvietnamvet

      And exactly how do you know this? Are you privy to his private thoughts? After all, HE married a black woman. It’s foolish to believe you know what goes on in his mind. You don’t know the man, you only know what the media has shown you.

  • DMV

    I saw this coming as soon as he said something.

  • Booyaka Shot

    This is the problem with black folks. The killing is still under investigation, also I recall the President mentioning Trayvon. Can a brother do his job? It’s bad enough all these white folks stay on his back, but y’all n!99as gotta act like he’s gotta mention everytime a brother gets shot.

    Y’all won’t learn until we have some h!llb!lly in office who doesn’t give a fawk about non of y’all and then maybe y’all would appreciate this man. SMDH!!!

  • @themanie25

    i guess a celeb is more important than, a innocent kid.. our city stl is going threw it n needs support from every1 .. both issues r important ya know

  • kkk killa

    He is a diversion for black people black people wont burn down america and theres a plot to kill every black in the usa..

  • Guest

    I swear black people are the biggest crybabies. Always crying about the wrong ish. The people my sons should be worried about the most are not the ones with pasty white skin, it’s the ones looking just like them. The facts are not all out in that case so the president doesn’t need to address it yet. Just because he is black doesn’t mean he has to speak on every issue regarding a black person.
    And tell their black butts to loot about the ish that matters. Our biggest problem isn’t the cops or white people, we are our problem.

  • moo moo cookie cakes baby!!!!.

    That was totally despectful of him.Look I’m sorry hear of Robin death he made that choice to die.On the other hand Mike Brown was murdered by a racist pig

    • usvietnamvet

      We don’t know the full story of what happened. Maybe if just once we waited until the investigation was done and the evidence was processed we wouldn’t waste time on something that may turn out to be a non issue.

  • bike wheels

    Guess what. Yes, Robin Williams was MUCH more important than Mike Brown.

  • On_Point

    Are any of you surprised, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He only cares about phaggots, yt investors, yt businesses, yt jobs, and messycan illegal immigration.

  • Allen Glenn

    when its all said and done all backs got was a black history moment