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Confessions: 11 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta [Photos]


Last night’s episode (August 11) of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta confirmed what most rational people have known for a very long time. Mimi just ain’t that bright.

From her riding for Nikko to her acting up when her friends call her out for her suspect choices, Mimi kept on stacking the fails.

Since we’re on the topic of losses, Karlie Redd also showed an exceptional knack for moving shadily in a small industry. However, all the aforementioned struggle may be trumped by that of one Stevie J. He finally came clean about bedding Benzino’s wife to be, but it was only to Snoop Dogg. On the show, Benzino and Joseline are still in the dark, which means the fall out will be epic.

With all that said, check out 11 things we learned from the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in the following pages.

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  • tg

    Niko’s a jerk – but I think Mimi knew that already and just wanted some show lines. I also believe he’s “Bi”. Benzino, Benzino, Benzino and Stevie, Stevie, Stevie. Stevie what kind of a friend are you – OMG and that “Hohoho” Althea. So to get this clear – Stevie slept with her AFTER she got with Benzino. If that is true, She a “HOHOHO” – I’m sorry.
    And I knew Benzino and her wouldn’t make it down the isle.

    • echarrison

      Lovin’ the crew.

  • echarrison

    I watch this show because of Stevie J. Keep the comedy coming.