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David Banner Discusses Plight Of Black Children On CNN [VIDEO]


Following the tragic death of Missouri 18-year-old Mike Brown, David Banner appeared on CNN Tuesday night (August 12) to discuss the troubles that continue to plague Black families in America.

“White cops do not see value in young, Black men,” said the rapper on African American youth. “And the reason why a lot of young, Black men –– not all Black men –– kill each other is because they don’t see any value either. So many people have bought into this Americanized system, and America historically has always tortured, killed and enslaved Black people. And I have not forgot that.”

See the thought-provoking chat in the video clip below. Please feel free to chime in at the bottom.

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  • Blythe Dhia

    David Banner has always had a strong, powerful voice. If more hip-hop artists banned together and express similar ideas, they could change the world.

    • MrsMommy

      You’ll never get this speech or conversation from the likes of Jayz and Beyonce.

      • DaLadeeJ.Has.a.HaTer

        Cant throw that money train off track! They know massa will whip them with radio and media silence if they speak out against him.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    I’m sorry but I was SO caught off guard by David’s new appearance….he went from hood nerd to urkel. ANYWAY, I’ve always respected and supported this brother and what he’s trying to do for our people. Whatever he’s selling, I’ll buy.

    • Blythe Dhia

      i agree. i ain’t want to be the one to type it bc it’s irrelevant to the topic, but i was like, “did he always sound like that?”

      • Youknowwhatiitis

        No the hell he didn’t. IDK what’s going on with the man now.

      • MS. LADY

        Don was yet and still throwing him all kinds of shade as if he had nothing of importance to say, despite him attempting to appear like a scholar. Don is treating him like a no count rapper when in fact David is the most credible one on the topic…

    • MS. LADY

      He didn’t have to go Super Nerd on us though.. lol Don was yet and still throwing him all kinds of shade as if he had nothing of importance to say, despite him attempting to appear like a scholar. Don is treating him like a no count rapper when in fact David is the most credible one on the topic..

  • why David Banner talk like he wanna ask “did i do that“??? and i swear people get on TV just to say the dumbest sh!t

  • PolkaDots

    I agree with David — “…if you don’t make me comfortable…we will kill you.” — Powerful TRUTH.

    • MrsMommy


  • Bohwe

    David Banner should also inform Black Media and Celebrities, stop promoting black violence. Like why did BET , allow Chris Brown to perform wearing red, and we all know what that means.

    • Liz

      Chris Brown should be allowed to wear any color he wants to. Would you have a problem with Justin Timberlake or Robin Thicke wearing red? I doubt it. Lots of artist have worn the color red on BET. That surely doesnt mean that they are promoting violence. Please stop with the ignorance. Stop judging people by what they wear or look like. This foolishness is exactly what David Banner was speaking on. smdh

    • neka

      Red is a color a primary color that if you mix it with blue or yellow which are other primary colors you make secondary colors. I was with about artist stop promoting violence then you went left

    • Gomay Sheet

      Makes absolutely no sense… can’t wear red, blue, black, white.. see the silliness?

  • briA

    I know I always loved David banner he mad e some interesting points. . Sadly we still live in a world that doesn’t value us and judges us so you have to try to put yourself as far from stereotypes as possible. . The other lady on the show annoyed me stranger danger? ?.. shut up!!! The folks that’s supposed to come for our rescue (the police) is the ones doing the killing! !!!. Wake up people! !

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Tell em!! Tell em what they need to hear! With his fine intelligent as$… Mmhmm I have loved Davis Banner since Hip Hop vs America when he showed how intelligent he is. He stands up for those who need a powerful voice behind them & I love it!

    • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

      @mrsmommy yes!!! Intelligence is s3xy indeed!!

  • hotreeze33

    Where are the rest of our so called leaders and entertainers that you all have made rich. How come they are not speaking out on our behalf in regards to killing innocent black children. Stop supporting people who refuse to support you

  • Tierra Watkins

    David banner is one of the few rappers that’s actually educated. He has a bachelors degree and masters degree and got those before he decided to become a rapper. He hit the nail on the head, our children are doing everything right and they are still treated like crap many reasons why they result to violence. They feel as if they must act out to get attention and not do right because when they were doing right they were still was harassed. I salute David banner for acknowledging that.