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Beanie Sigel Freed From Prison [PHOTOS]


Beanie Sigel is a free man. Per the good folks at Hip Hop Since 1987, the Philadelphia rapper was released from prison today.

Sigel’s time behind bars was a compounded sentence that stemmed from a tax evasion charge from 2012 and a separate drug charge from the summer of the same year. The former sentence gave the rapper–born Dwight Grant–two years while the latter tagged on an additional 23 months.

Sigel wasn’t slated to be freed until December, but was released earlier than expected.

Rappers close to the situation, including Spade-O of the Major Figgaz, have confirmed the news. Let’s hope that Sigel makes an appearance on the Funkmaster Flex Show sooner than latter. See a photo below.


Photo: Instagram

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  • C J Jordan

    Beans should have been a way bigger star than he was. Personally that was my favorite rapper on the whole rocafella roster. Too many legal issues killed his career.

    • LucySkyDiamond

      Hell yeah!! The b. coming album was my $hit

      • C J Jordan

        That was cool, but my fav would have to be ” the reason “

      • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

        His first 3 albums were fiyah all the way thru…N I love them state property movies.

      • C J Jordan

        The first 2 were the best in my opinion. The third one wasn’t bad. The truth and the reason were classics.

    • Look At Me!!! ☺

      jay wouldn’t put his artist above with a pus like Dre or Em he was like 50 he wanted them to be bigb ut not bigger than him

      • C J Jordan

        Yeah that was the downfall of that label. Kanye west came out ok tho. He was the lone survivor outside of jay.

      • moonluvah

        Jay-Z did what he could. He had bum artists. You take thugs and try and civilize them. It doesn’t always work. He can’t make you have star power. You have it or you don’t.

      • C J Jordan

        That’s true too but on the other hand. I don’t think a superstar artist can really devote his full attention to developing another artist when their career is in full swing. I do agree beans run-ins with the law didn’t exactly help neither.

      • Whitty Huton Wuld Toor AKA DD

        Tri-State been waiting for him to come home. Even a few from Major Figgaz. Welcome home Beans!!!!

      • dnoskeam

        Jay Z was a thug, did you forget about him stabbing Un in the club? Find a better excuse……Jay is a hater.

      • dave

        Jay was an artist and co-owner of the label. That’s what Dame and Biggs job handle the other artists. Beans is still one of my top 10 but he fucked off a lot of bread too. Smoking dust and getting caught up in the streets when you got a means out put him on time out but trust the bully is back. Expect a 16 in the next few days.

  • Ayisha

    Didn’t know he was in….anyone he is too old for this mess. These are the type of black men that women need to avoid.


      Some females are attracted to felons. That’s just the way it is.

      • Da Toof

        An “some” women deserve everything they get from it. Just like the chick from the movie “Belly”.

        9 times out of 10 the only thing they do is breed is another thug to destroy our positive young black brothers and sister!

  • Glad to see the Akhi make his way home. Great for hip-hop. I’ve been writing back and forth with Dwight for over a year. Ready to hit the studio and swing the pendulum to the conscious dope ish with the OG.
    Check me out on soundcloud/jhdiplomaticpower

  • Preach: Blk Awakening & Revolu

    Need that Face & Beans/Mac & Brad collab now.

  • Beans back!

  • moonluvah

    He’s a thug, I’ll never forget that MTV Jay-Z documentary. He was a major artists at the night club with this fool. When Beanie started a fight with some nobodies. Jay-Z was so shook, like “I can’t be going to these little clubs”! ….Aaah yeah? …Flash foward Beanie bad mouthing Jay-Z and been in and out of jail. You have to leave folk in the hood. You can’t have your cape on 24/7!

    • mizz new money 2u

      Their a rea$on some folks born and die in hood

  • C J Jordan

    U right about that.

  • Bella

    Welcome home Beans!

  • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

    Welcome home! Dope artist! the roc holy trinity: Jay, Beans & Bleek.