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Remy Ma Freestyles On “Hot Ni**a” [VIDEO]


Remy Ma hit the pavement running the moment she was freed from prison. Her hunger is far from understated, a factor worth noting during a recent appearance on the Sway In The Morning Show.

Per custom, host Sway Calloway asked Remy to freestyle, to which she obliged. The Bronx rapper went on to wax poetics on Bobby Shmurda’s street heater “Hot Ni**a.” Peep the footage below.


Photo: YouTube

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  • London

    This is utter rubbish go back to prison!

    • moonluvah


      • JACE

        No she’s the ULTIMATE HATER!! Smdh

      • Razors & Bleach

        o_O wow mf’s crazy out here smh

    • Razors & Bleach

      Who and the hell says rubbish?? LOL get your garbage azzzz outta here with that hating bullshyt B::::::::TCH!!!!!!!

      • grey


      • truth

        Loose box b i t c h

  • harold jack

    Straight up BS.

  • truth

    GARBAGE!!! Kim freeatyle MERKs Remy MAN. But she still better than nicki tho

    • Razors & Bleach

      She did better than what you ever could. Oh that’s right nobody knows you. Keep taking selfies sweet cheeks.

      • truth

        F u c k u and yo wrinkled lice infected box ho. And yo mammy a ho. U need a man u manless THOT

  • MS. LADY

    I fool with Remy! She been gone 7 years. Give it time…

  • Razors & Bleach

    Remy ain’t been out a week good and she is out doing her thang. This is a warm up and she nicer than 99% out now who will come with a freestyle. Give her a solid month old Remy is gonna be back harder than ever. #Remy

    • YRHG

      Bish had 6 years to prepare. Fawk you mean warm up?

      • grey


      • Franklin Parker

        You crazy. Did you hear her on the track with French and Jada…she bodied that or the remix with dj Khalid. Remy is fire and so was this freestyle

    • truth

      How long have u been disease free ho?

  • RELL

    I wasn’t feeling it either weak in my opinion

  • ERRR try again

    Whack she said a lot of nothing!

  • Breeze

    I’m not a fan but you can’t dismiss true talent. That was nice. She is def is coming back strong and def seems to be on the right track for success.

  • smackyobitchass

    Where exactly does she think she is?? In 1999?? At some hideous outdated weave convention?

  • Joe Terra

    remy is such a beauty!

  • bigddykn2

    Remy bout to blow these fake bitc*** out the water !

  • Famous b

    Best female rapper right now far as mainstream flow… female rapper period is Jean grey …mos def protege