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Ferguson Residents Stop Locals From Looting [Photos]


The frustrations among civilians and police alike nearly resulted in another violent encounter last night in Ferguson, Mo. But cooler heads prevailed, with the help of protestors, who stood their ground  in the face of law enforcement and inebriated looters, according to a member of the press.

Reignited by newly surfaced footage of slain teenager Mike Brown allegedly committing petty theft in a convenience store, a distraction if nothing else, protestors blocked a main street. Police ordered them to leave, but they refused.

Ironically, nearby looters partook in more volatile actions by letting out their frustrations at a beauty store and a meat market. They also attempted to break into the store Brown was accused of stealing from, but were thwarted by members of the community who barricaded themselves in front of it. Some locations were spared, while others were ransacked.

Washington Post‘s Wesley Lowery, who was arrested earlier this week, reported on the peaceful protest and the looting. Get a Twitter recap on the following pages.


Photo: Associated Press

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  • dom

    This is good to hear. I’m sick of media, white people, black people blaming the looting in Ferguson as a whole when it’s only select groups of people. The people in Ferguson are also saying the looters aren’t even from there.

    • Youknowwhatiitis

      The government probably sent them in to start sh|t.

  • Guest

    Good for the residents of Ferguson. Sad that they have to stand up against the police as well as people in their own community that’s looting…just sad all around and the story that’s getting lost in all the craziness is the killing of an unarmed young man.