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Certified Fresh: Snootie Wild – Hood Tested, CMG Approved


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HHW: It’s normal for artists to record while on the road. Did you create any fire while touring?

Snootie Wild: Most definitely. First of all, I don’t write anything. It’s all off the hip. By creating and coming up with new music, I was able to see new things, hear new things (lingo). I was able to put that in my repertoire and create new music. The things I see and I go through, that’s where my music comes from.

HHW: Now you’re slated to tour with T-Pain, who’s a very different artist than you. How do you think this experience will shape you as an artist?

Snootie Wild: I know that it’s going to be a great experience, because ain’t nothing personal in life. This a blessing from God, so what happens on tour, it’s going to happen regardless because it was already written. Other than that, I’m gonna go out and be the best I can, I’m gonna be Snootie Wild.

It’s going to be great, because T Pain is just as crazy and animated as I am. I believe we’re going to rock the crowd.

HHW: With all this talk of touring, what’s up with the Go Mode project.

Snootie Wild: The EP coming out, it should be September 18. It’s going to be big. It’s going to be epic. Shout outs to Lil Boosie for supporting it.

HHW: How does it feel to have around OGs like [Yo] Gotti and Lil Boosie?

Snootie Wild: I look at it like this. When it comes down to seeking knowledge and reaching out, I believe God plays a big part in laying people in your path to learn from. I never look forward to [meeting] anyone. I just thank God, and whoever He brings in my path, I learn from–no matter good or bad.


“Yayo” ft. Yo Gotti

“Made Me” ft. K Camp

“No Kissing” ft. Zed Zilla

“Want U 2 Know”


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  • Austin Wilson

    I’m glad Yo Gotti did a track with him. His other song “Errrbody” is also really good. Take a listen if you haven’t done so already!