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Autopsy Report: Mike Brown Shot At Least 6 Times, Twice In The Head [Photo]

photo: Dr. Michael Baden

photo: Dr. Michael Baden

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  • Honesty90

    You cant shoot some one twice in the top of there head unless there already on there knees …… justice no peace

  • Jay Lamont


  • The Doctor

    The kid shouldn’t have been shot 6 times if he had his hands up and if he had his hands up he would have been hit in the palm of his hand. The news release will tell. I do have one thing to say all you people think this guy was a Minister of God. This guy was a thug who just committed a robbery and I’m sure it wasn’t his first. We all want to believe the version we want, although the story is he was fighting with the cop trying to get his gun. A lot of people say he will never be able to go to college now, I don’t know of any college that offers armed robbery as a major…