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J. Cole Visits Mike Brown’s Death Site [Photos]


The events transpiring in Ferguson, Mo. after Mike Brown’s tragic death have showed the importance of solidarity among the local citizens, those who came to town to join or capture protesting effort, and others keeping tabs remotely via news outlets and social media. Yesterday, J. Cole and his Dreamville clique visited town to pay respect to the 18–year–old and protesters on the front lines.

The Fayetteville rhymer’s appearance follows his commemorative track, “Be Free,” in which he waxes captivating poetics detailing how Brown’s untimely demise affected him. Alongside Dreamville partner in rhyme Bas, Cole reflected at the site of the incident. He also spoke with the people and Capt. Ronald S. Johnson.

Hopefully more rappers with a voice of Cole’s magnitude will chime in. And no, we don’t mean this, folks.

See photos of the rap star and company in Ferguson below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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  • loveleegurl

    Respect to J Cole and R.I.P Mike Brown…

  • RenaissanceWoman

    I just gained much respect for J Cole. RIP Mike Brown.

  • Jay Lamont


  • You’renotme

    I always loved him and even more now. He will not sell his soul for fame. With his fine a$$.

    • Judge Judy

      Same !!! He is BEYOND real. Stays true ! Loved him since I fist heard his underground music. Yessss, Cole!!

  • Justin

    One of the few respectable hip hop artists

  • shellyTheGreat

    i never thought j cole was handsome until now. i love a black man who loves his people.

  • Dellwoodresident

    i have to give it to J.Cole and Whiz Kalif…Much respect!!!

  • Duannn

    I love J.Cole and I respect the fact that he actually went out there to show that he cares and remains humble .

  • unity

    J cole a real brotha for showing face and caring ,we as a people need to value each other more and unite and we’ll be unstoppable,,,they would really hate that,,thats why they don’t give a fawk about us cuz we don’t…..unite people…..RIP Mike Brown.

  • smackyobitchass

    Fake assss nigggaaaa … looking like a confused Muppet