Chris Thomas

J. Cole Visits Mike Brown’s Death Site [Photos]



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  • loveleegurl

    Respect to J Cole and R.I.P Mike Brown…

  • RenaissanceWoman

    I just gained much respect for J Cole. RIP Mike Brown.

  • Jay Lamont


  • You’renotme

    I always loved him and even more now. He will not sell his soul for fame. With his fine a$$.

    • Judge Judy

      Same !!! He is BEYOND real. Stays true ! Loved him since I fist heard his underground music. Yessss, Cole!!

  • Justin

    One of the few respectable hip hop artists

  • shellyTheGreat

    i never thought j cole was handsome until now. i love a black man who loves his people.

  • Dellwoodresident

    i have to give it to J.Cole and Whiz Kalif…Much respect!!!

  • Duannn

    I love J.Cole and I respect the fact that he actually went out there to show that he cares and remains humble .

  • unity

    J cole a real brotha for showing face and caring ,we as a people need to value each other more and unite and we’ll be unstoppable,,,they would really hate that,,thats why they don’t give a fawk about us cuz we don’t…..unite people…..RIP Mike Brown.

  • smackyobitchass

    Fake assss nigggaaaa … looking like a confused Muppet