Marjua Estevez

National Guard Deployed Following Violent Night In Ferguson [Photos]

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  • Me

    It’s about damn time……shut this mess down

  • moonluvah

    Is this what it’s gonna take for National Guard to get called into Chicago? Why something this tragic has to happen for change. Then how come people started rioting before all the facts were in. I don’t condone this killing what so ever. But it looks so ghetto to have this revolution over a boy who was just robbing someone . It was the same in Cincinnati riots. The dude was a criminal. But when our responsible family men or intelligent students get killed. Its, “Oh that’s a shame, police wrong for that”…..?

    • Ayoka

      Executing an unarmed man in cold blood is a crime. The fact that police released a video of him stealing cigars is irrelevant. The officer didn’t know that when he shot. And It doesn’t make it any less inflammatory. What if you stole a pack of gum as a kid and the cps pulled up n the side of you and shot you? It’s not justified, fair, or representative of due process.