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Exclusive: Remy Ma Weighs In On Iggy Azalea’s Success [VIDEO]


In the six plus years that Remy Ma had been absent, a lot changed in Hip-Hop. From the ever-evolving profit-driven industry to social media to the glorification of street life from which earlier pioneers struggled to rise above, the rap game’s become a whole different monster.

Since returning home after  serving her prison stint due to an assault charge back in 2008, the Bronx MC has been making her rounds to every radio station and news outlet in town.

During her stop at Hip-Hop Wired’s office, the 34-year-old wordsmith delved into the state of women in Hip-Hop. In sharing her views on Iggy Azalea’s unprecedented success, Remy went against the popular notion that skin color plays a factor. “Being a woman is what people see first in this business,” said Remy. “When you’re female, there’s are a lot of  [other] obstacles.”

Remy also spoke on her marriage with New York rapper Papoose, which, according to her, was only made stronger in the time that she was away. She went on to detail her dream project with fellow female rappers like Nicki Minaj, and explains where she currently stands with longtime comrade Fat Joe.

See exclusive footage of our exclusive chat with Remy Ma. Stay tuned for what’s to come. The Ruler’s back.

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  • keisha pullman

    the new rendition of remy ma ladies night would be cool.. As far as iggy go, she can leap/knock down more barriers because she not only is a woman but she’s a white woman.. women’s suffrage movement happened for white women first then black women, history shows us this..

    • 100rican

      read a book! hell youtube it!

      • keisha pullman

        read a book on.. youtube what??

      • 100rican

        women’s suffrage movement happened for white women first then black women, history shows us this. this is the comment i was talking about. either your to young to read or not old enough to understand so youtube black women’s suffrage it started before the white women knew she was in pain!

      • 100rican

        but i get where your coming from!

  • 100rican

    remy lost with that woman commit! there is no more black integrity!