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Lil TerRio Takes Ice Bucket Challenge Using Coca-Cola [VIDEO]


Bruh, this is just unsettling. Lil Terrio has taken the ALS ice bucket challenge, which is all good. However, this little man used Coca-Cola.

We have long passed the point of exploitation. Yet, there are so many questions.

For example, where are this kid’s parents? Why is he using Coke cans instead of copping some 2-liter bottles? Can someone please investigate the welfare of this child? Why did he not use Diet Coke, or even Coke Zero? Who is going to save Terrio b?

Watch for yourself below.

Photo: Instagram

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  • C J Jordan

    That fat bastard gonna make history for the wrong reasons. He gonna be the youngest to ever have a heart attack.

    • kl

      You sound dumb. There have been newborns and toddlers that have had heart attacks.

      • C J Jordan

        Deez nutzz

      • 412 Audio


  • guest

    Where ARE his parents? This is getting ridiculous.

    • lulubear


  • Shilee

    this is sad, nothing funny about it!! SideNote-can someone please tell me who is this kid (or little person)? is he an actor or something?

    • C J Jordan

      I don’t know where he came from exactly but he got famous for doing online vines and his people are exploiting the hell out out of him for all it’s worth.

  • sycamore

    Y’all are so f*ckinng stupid. He’s not drinking the coke, he’s dumping it AND he has been exercising and eating much healthier than before.

    Why don’t you guys do your simple research before?
    Why don’t you guys complain about the IMPACT OF THE ENVIRONMENT?

    • guest

      Why don’t you shut the fawk up…This kid is being exploited dummy.

      • sycamore

        I’ll shut up once people on here actually use their brain – 5% is all I’m asking for.
        What does being exploited have to do with his weight lol cause that’s all I was talking about dumb broad.

      • guest

        You are one stupid bish…figure out on your own why he is being exploited. You are not worth the effort of explanation.

      • sycamore

        Then bye felicia????
        lmao you’re a non factor. BYE

    • C J Jordan

      No u sound stupid. That kid is being exploited and used by his family. The sad part is that he can’t comprehend and understand what’s happening to him. They are enabling him for their own personal gain. If that doesn’t change that kid gonna die before he becomes a teenager. All jokes aside

      • sycamore

        Ok… But I’m literally just talking about his weight loss not exploitation and he has been on a diet and his parents hired him a personal trainer.

        *eye roll* but his parents are enabling him duh

      • C J Jordan

        When did they hire a trainer? 5 minutes ago?

      • sycamore

        A couple of months ago… A 5 second google search will show you.
        He also plays basketball

      • IBeg2differ

        Sycamore must be part of the family or the mf exploiting him because her argument is baseless

      • sycamore

        I’m not, and do you understand what baseless is? If you even do a quick google search, you’ll see but obviously y’all didn’t pass the 3rd grade so I’m not fretting.

      • guest

        At his age, he should not have gotten this fat to begin with idiot.

      • sycamore

        And did I say he should have? Can you read? Did you pass the third grade?

    • IBeg2differ

      U know pitbulls wear Jordan’s


    This dude is too young and too damn big…

  • RenaissanceWoman

    He is cute but I am concerned that he may be a bit overweight. Why don’t they get him healthy so that he can actually make it to his 20s/30s to have a chance at a career in show business. He is cute and sorta funny to watch though 🙂

    • UMiami

      A bit overweight?

    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Cute ?
      I’m sorry but have you seen those pics with all those ringworms all over his body ? Yikes

  • imontou

    This lil dude gone be dead before he’s 25 the way he’s going. I mean really, u gone use coca cola?

    • C J Jordan

      If that keeps up I give him till 13 years old

      • imontou

        Right C.J.! His family don’t even give a fok, because they just wanna get paid off his lil big arse!

  • UMan

    Cry for attention. His 15 minutes are up!