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Scumbalaya: 10 Things We Learned From The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Finale [Photos]




While telling Mimi that he is not as bad as Nikko, he referred to her porn partner as “scumbalaya.” Now that is damn funny.

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  • Blessed

    Mama dee song to close out the show was interesting lol

    • taye

      Lmao it was soo hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing

      • leeleebaby

        Her studio performance was even funnier…

    • Sonia

      Lol that’s a nice way of putting it

  • Sue me

    A mess…this show is a dang mess…can’t wait for the reunion though!

  • ciscoNoDrink

    Come on Hip Hop Wired, every episode all of these birds are dry snitching on each other. Not to mention they dry snitch on themselves in the little one-on-one camera “let me explain” sessions.

  • ChynaDoll

    Please don’t bring back tammi and waka … So boring

  • Lucy Banger

    I feel kind of bad for Mimi being as dumb as she is. Normally, when it comes to matters of the heart, we all are subject to making mistakes with the wrong person. Nobody is exempt but this chick right chere… GAD DAYUMMM! By age 40, Im sure this chick has been ranned through and ranned over MANY TIMES.
    And what makes this isht even worse is that she mistook Stevie’s offering of his support for a reconnection with exclusive commitment. Chiiiile, here we go again. The Mimi/Stevie saga is going to be back on and popping next season.

    • KyngHype

      Ranned isn’t a word. Sorry, I just have a pet peeve of people using incorrect spelling or inventing words whilst calling others dumb.

      • Lucy Banger

        Whoo, you online grammar police is something else! Babe, I know the word is ran. I’m among my people here. I speak and write popular English at work and talk how I want to on line. It ain’t that serious.