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Spike Lee Tells Anderson Cooper “There’s A War On The Black Male”


Spike Lee has never been shy about sharing his opinion of how Black people are treated in America, and his latest comments prove this. While sitting with CNN host Anderson Cooper, the famed director suggests that there is a war on Black men across the nation.

Lee appeared on Cooper’s nightly program on Tuesday to discuss the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Visibly agitated, Lee didn’t spare his words nor his emotions in speaking on the developments of the case as the public knows it.

“I do not think you should be killed in this country because allegedly you steal some cigarillos. I don’t think you should be killed if there is marijuana in your system,” Lee said to Cooper. “The people, not only in Ferguson, but all over this country did not trust what is happening. Something smells bad in Ferguson. And it’s not just tear gas.”

“I just think there’s a war on the Black male and it’s tearing the country apart in my opinion,” added Lee after Cooper inquired if the actions in Ferguson are part of a larger issue. Lee mentioned other slain Black men such as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Ezell Ford to back his statement.

Watch Spike Lee’s comments to Anderson Cooper below.

Do you agree with Spike Lee’s statement that there’s a war on Black men in America? Sound off in the comments section.

Photo: CNN

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  • D lew

    There is a war on black males to bad blacks are doing most of the killing let’s fix that first and we will save more black lives

    • Phyuck Yiu

      Shut the hale up, nobody wants to hear you tell the truth.

    • Ike

      86% of white murder victims are killed by whites. Let’s fix that before dealing with anything else D Lew.

  • historyrepeatsitself

    For white people, just saying the word race is racist. They have absolutely no empathy for black men. They don’t really see a difference between a big black dude and an execution of the dude. They think he deserves it just cause he was intimidating. While most black families have a young big guy in our family and would be devastated if a cop executed him. White people feel sorry for the cop. This is sad and shows we’re a long way before they understand… We need to change this lethal and nonlethal force – they say once they feel like they have to use lethal force, they have the right to execute someone…

  • Yea

    I don’t know about whatever general but I do agree with everything else said

  • PDN

    Spike told the truth; end of story!

  • Guest

    The thug image must die. Yes, EF, TM, EG and MB were wrongfully stereotyped. We must not forget about some of the African American males who rob banks and stores every month just about. How can we pounce on whites when some of us are quick to harm each other. Remember, a white person kills another and it’s murder.
    A black person badly harms another and it’s BLACK ON BLACK! (as in one future criminal beating up on another potential criminal). The thug image must go! That is all.

  • Karlee

    Most black men in America are worthless! Lets be honest! The problem is black men! Period! After seeing that video, I’m convinced this kid did hit the cop! Anyone one with an ounce of common sense knows you don’t attack or charge a cop! This kid is no angel! The only threat to black men is themselves!