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Women Terrorize Wendy's Employee With Stun Gun For Not Putting Mayo On Sandwich [Video]


People are clearly very serious when it comes to ordering at a fast food restaurant and making sure that they get everything they order.

An employee of Wendy’s was allegedly assaulted when a woman slapped him in his face after failing to remember to include the mayonnaise and mustard with her order.

The slap, apparently, wasn’t enough as reports are stating that the woman, along with her accomplice, left for a second, came back, entered the building, and began to terrorize the employee with a pink stun gun.

Check the crazy footage below.

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  • let me guess this happened in FL? damn peeps are serious about their food, hell they are not even that serious abot their kids these days

  • Roe ski Love

    The employee is lying when he said that the girl slaped him in the face from the drive thru window. There is no way possible that someones arms could be that long. I believe that he grabed her hand and she got extreemly upset over it. Taking a stun gun in to schook him is just pure stupidity. But now that females want to be Gangster Boo’s, I guess this will become the norm.

  • I had’nt thought about the fact the the drive-thru worker could’ve done soemthing to piss them off…well if thats the case (not that i support violence) they should’ve waited till he was off work or something…dont do foolishness in front of a camera and dozens of witnesses.

  • Bule

    What are you guys..ninth grade? How about parking, going inside and getting your own condiments? Or is that too mature?