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Suspect: U.S. Ebola Patients Cured, Twitter Needs Answers [Photos]


Twitter has a few questions about the two American Ebola patients miraculously cured of the virus in less than a month’s time. Earlier today (Aug. 21) we learned that Dr. Kent Brantly and American missionary Nancy Writebol were both released from an Atlanta hospital, and are officially Ebola free.

That news alone sounded pretty heartwarming, until the world actually saw Brantly. He looked as if he wasn’t fighting for his life just weeks ago. Not only did he seem pretty strong and steady, it does’t appear that he lost any weight based on his previous photos (maybe he did, but we just didn’t see it). Brantly spoke eloquently about his second chance at life. “I’m thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to reunite with my family,” he said at the press conference.

Brantly didn’t take any questions, but he did ask the public not to “stop praying for the people of Liberia and West Africa,” as the outbreak continues to claim lives. More than 2,000 people have died from Ebola since February.

It took “a rigorous course of treatment and testing” to cure Brantly and Writebol. “The Emory Healthcare team has determined that both patients have recovered from the Ebola virus and can return to their families and community without concern for spreading this infection to others,” said Dr. Bruce Ribner.

“We understand that there are a lot of questions and concerns about the Ebola virus and the infection that is causes. However we cannot let our fears dictate our actions. We don’t think he’s contagious.”

After the news conference was over, everybody hugged like nothing ever happened. In all fairness, there are African patients who have been cured of Ebola, in less than a month. However, ZMapp, the experiment drug used to treat the two American patients was not used in Africa prior to Writebol and Brantly getting sick. That raised the questions as to why health officials didn’t send the doses to Liberia to potentially help curb the spread to neighboring countries, Guinea and Sierra Leonie.

ZMapp was sent to the West African country to treat doctors infected with Ebola last week.

There were earlier opportunities to use ZMapp as a way to treating Ebola. It was ultimately decided that the Liberian doctor who led the fight against the disease would not receive ZMapp, reportedly because of the risk factors. The American-made drug had never been used on humans before it was given to Brantly and Writebol.


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  • bjcain3870

    They’ve always had the cure. The evil of people these days is astounding.

    • Smh

      Typical ignorant Black conspiracy mongering.

  • lisa

    How do we know its a cure. Its never been tested so the side effects are still unknown.

  • Odell David

    I live in the DC area and a blk american guy from this area contracted ebola. His family tried to raise 30,000 to have him sent back for better treatnent. Unfortunately he died begore thry were able to get tge money and this story made the Washington Post but no one cared. These devils get it America paid a million dollars a piece for both patients to fly in special air craft to get them here for treatment safely. 1st ebola is a man made virus being tested on west African nations. They need to keep all foreigners out! Too many countries eat off africa. if you look on the map europeans have successfully taking over every country but africa! Africa is the biggest continent with the most resources and the only thing in the way is our ppl. Some billion developer can’t wait tosink their teeth in the land. Keep them devils out before they try to gentrify our homeland to. Yall keep thinking its a game and them devils love yall

    • Kyle

      Too late dear, Africa was probably the first continent to be r@ped by the white man. Their teeth marks are forever embedded in the land. The first land to be gentrified smh

  • Rashida

    These people were not cured. They were treated with a experimental drug that was never tested on people. A priest who contracted Ebola was given the same drug but he died. It is no cure. I am sure being relocated to the US helped in the treatment. These people went out there and put their lives on the line to help them when the people would not listen to reason. That is why it is spreading. People have been told not to wash their dead, they are still contagious, they were not listening and they still got sick. This article is misleading.