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Talib Kweli Barks On Don Lemon Live On CNN In Ferguson [VIDEO]


Talib Kweli is a “conscious rapper” who doesn’t just talk the talk, and has been in Ferguson documenting what is happening in the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown. Don Lemon is a CNN reporter who has become a slander magnet. The two coming together for a live interview was even more awkward, and volatile, than you probably imagined.

The interview was going well until Kweli mentioned having an issue with the media’s coverage.

Said Kweli, “[CNN] has a story up that says ‘Ferguson calm until bottles fly.’ Well that’s inaccurate, because I was there that night, and that’s not what happened.”

From their, Lemon spoke up for CNN’s intentions of being fair and balanced and then the convo only devolved with each man trying to speak over each other. Kweli threatened to quit the interview and also mentioned feeling disrespected because of Lemon having a flippant attitude when they met, including asking how to pronounce the rapper’s name.

If you noted that Talib Kweli was on CNN mentioning “white supremacy,” you got the feeling things would escalate quickly, and they did. Both men eventually calmed down enough to complete the Q&A, but don’t expect these two to ever be friends.

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  • wintertime

    Don Lemonhead is full of it and why did he feel the need to defend a lie that he was working that is why he was texting, giving everyone the notion he was just too busy too care……….

  • LaSuperchica

    What? Since when is an interview a conversation? If he is there as a journalist, his job is to ask questions and listen. If he is dissatisfied with the answer, THEN he can ask another question to point out flaws in logic or bring out a deeper truth, etc. If he wants to have a conversation he can cover over my house. I’m happy to talk! LOL!