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Actor Orlando Jones Takes Ice Bucket Challenge With Bullets, Attracts Racist Hate [Photos]


As the celebrity contributions for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge keep pouring in, actor Orlando Jones (Drumline, FOX’s Sleepy Hollow) decided to allow one of the country’s more pressing socioeconomic issues enter the fray.

Jones decided to accept his Ice Bucket Challenge by pouring a slew of bullets over his head, in a nod to the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.

“Hi, I’m Orlando Jones and I’m joining lots of other people by bringing attention to this very serious disease by accepting this challenge,” Jones said has he prepped for the risky stunt by putting goggles on. Afterwards, the veteran actor explained his reasoning for switching things up saying, “I watched an American city turned into a war zone this past week” as well as touching on an “us vs. them” mentality in regards to the police state that gripped the Midwestern city in the aftermath of the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

Despite the violent connotations Jones highlighted in the video, he readily admitted that he was “a lifetime member” of the National Rifle Association and an “active member” at the state of Louisiana’s police force. He also assured that he still intended to donate his $100 to the ALS foundation.

“I’m not pointing any fingers at anybody but myself,” he continued as he picked brass from his hair. “I am asking something very hard of myself, I’m challenging myself to listen without prejudice, love without limits, and reverse the hate. That’s my challenge to me and hopefully you’ll accept this challenge too.”

Obviously the video was meant to controversial and split public opinions, as all of the facts in the Mike Brown shooting still have yet to be ironed out. But the amount of racist vitriol was a bit overwhelming. Comments on the YouTube video were disabled to outraged Americans found Jones on Twitter, accusing him (and Brown) of some pretty hateful things.

Watch the video and check what they’re saying about Jones in the wake of his bold statement.

Photo: YouTube

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