Trent Clark

ESPN Gets Public Shaming For Reporting On Michael Sam’s Shower Habits [Photos]


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  • Meandmybish

    Doesn’t he have someone already? Gay doesn’t mean you want everyone

    • bigdawgman

      Hey! Stop making sense! This is the bawsip family for gosh sakes!!

    • fek

      Has that stopped hetero’s from being attracted to other people than their significant other? So why should the same not apply the homosexuals?

      • Meandmybish

        Difference is they are acting like he plays football just to watch men in the shower. Let the man play and stop bringing up his preference. It’s annoying.

      • Guest

        He can’t play though. He’s a wack player. He’s there because he’s gay.

    • guest

      Sad part is he is not the first gay NFL player, guaranteed if you did some investigating you’ll find many who are now living the lifestyle, he truly is not the first he is only the first to admit it. Players been showering with gays for decades, just didn’t know it.

  • Riley “Miss Lisa”

    Wait a minute—-you mean these NFL teams earn BILLIONS of dollars a year in revenue and they don’t have individual showers yet? wtf are you serious! Why are they still using PRISON showers in 2014 ? That don’t make no dam sense


      HAHAHA never thought of that