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Randy Jackson In Talks To Have Michael Jackson’s Gravesite Opened To The Public


A number of people are outraged at Randy Jackson now that he’s reportedly in talks to have Michael Jackson’s gravesite opened to the public.

Randy made those claims public through his Twitter page telling over 27,000 of his followers,

“Although they have strict rules, I’ll do my best to see if fans can visit and pay their respects beyond the gates of Forest Lawn, on the 25th [of June].”

The date would be the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

Particularly upset about the idea of people gaining access to Forest Lawn cemetery are relatives of other famous celebs buried in the mausoleum, including the grandson of actor Clark Gables.

Clark Gableas III tells TMZ that it “wouldn’t be sacred” if they allowed general access to the public.

By contrast however the grandson of author W.C. Fields, Ronald J. Fields, thinks it would be “moving” for the fans.

No word on if Randy or the mausoleum would profit from the event.

Let’s hope not…

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  • ms. kee

    That’s whats up it would be nice to be able to visit mike

  • MJ4EVR

    As much as I love and adore MJ, I personally would not want his resting place opened to the public. I believe also that profit would be the driving force behind this becoming a reality. I just don’t want MJ resting place disturbed. Let him rest…

  • Reva

    I have mixed feelings about this. Just like my feelings on the debate of opening Neverland to the public. As amazing & beautiful as it would be to be able to visit Michael, is it really what he would want? Seeing that this is a request coming from his brother, Randy, who Michael was very close with, it makes me feel a little better. Randy knew Michael and obviously would know if this is something Michael would or would not like. Only time will tell…
    If it does open, I will certainly be there June 25.
    We love you, Michael, endlessly.

  • NITA

    i think its time to open the gates to people who are not famous but who have been fans and made these people, after all they lost somone they care about too being a true fan means your heart is in it so let there hearts follow and open the gates. and to forest lawn greedy pigs hire a grounds train cart charge your fare and get on with it, walk thru’s higher price ..no heels in the grass….problem solved

  • shadowmia

    I’m just surprised Randy hasn’t yet suggested selling popcorn, peanuts, sodas & tee shirts at the gravesite.

    The cemetery is noted for protecting the sanctity & peace of those buried there, which is presumably part of why the jacksons chose it for Michael. If it were thrown open to the general public, there would almost surely be litter, damage & very likely, theft from souvenir hunters–people stepping all over places where they shouldn’t, possibly even breaking off pieces of grave markers–that sort of thing. This is especially true because several famous people are buried there.

  • darealwifey

    Trifling. This family doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone. And when someone goes in and desecrates Michael’s grave, the family will be making a public spectacle about that. Let MJ rest in PEACE!!! Leave that man’s burial location a secret. Randy, get a damn job and quit trying to stay relevant by using your deceased brother! Between him and Jermaine, I’m not sure who is the bigger drama queen.

  • judith roskos

    I’m being intered here, not to far from MJ. Forest Lawn will never allow this. Too many property owners have complained. The liability of fans fainting is the reason and destruction to property also.

  • Crystal Lyn Johnson

    Let’s keep the Dreams Alive!!!!