Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: The Lusciously Thick Nekisha Taneil [PHOTOS]



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  • GOOD LAWD!!!!!!

  • K,

    Yawn….is this what most women do now? For once I’d like to see not only true beauty with clothes on but hobbies,degree, etc. show that they have more to offer than just body.

  • Tired

    She is a dumb broad. High school drop out who uses a waist trainer to attract thirsty dudes. This is what y’all are praising? I’m with K, start finding beauties with clothes on, hobbies and at least a degree please and thank you. Her face is not even that cute… Makeup truly does wonders.

  • 100rican

    Fathers and mothers stay and play an active role in your children’s lives.

    • Morning

      Her mother has like 3-4 baby fathers… I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Who constantly takes selfies with their a$$ and hips poked out and breasts hanging out for attention from losers? Guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a high school diploma and don’t have a job. She is not a model just an instagram h*.

  • truther

    fake cakes!! and can she cook? work? nurture? and what else does she have to offer besides the body?

  • mamzi201

    come on hip-hop wired you are saying my comment is unsutable.what so unsuitable about it.?

    • mamzi201

      YET u can use word like banging candy f….k off