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Apple To Unveil iPhone 6, iWatch Products In September


Apple fans are already anticipating purchasing the upcoming iPhone 6, which will be unveiled at an event next month. Also at that same event, the tech giant is jumping into the smartwatch fray with a first look at its iWatch product as well.

Earlier in the month, reputable outlets stated that Apple would roll out the iPhone at a special September 9 event most certainly to be held at its Cupertino, Ca. Headquarters. The new iPhone specs are not known, but it looks like the popular smartphone will get a boost in screen size comparable to its chief competitor Samsung’s phones. Hypebeat has more on the iWatch announcement.

From Hypebeast:

The iWatch may be arriving sooner than anyone expected. With the announcement of the upcoming iPhone 6 introduction at Apple’s September 9 iPhone event, reports have been made that the tech giant will also unveil its iWatch, a wearable version of the latest smart technology. First reported to be arriving later in October, the launching of the iWatch coinciding with the arrival of the iPhone 6 signifies a bold move on Apple’s part as it transitions to a new generation of tech devices. The iWatch will most certainly be met with intrigue during its introduction, as only time will tell if the wearable technology will be a success or a disappointment.

Wearable technology has been slow to catch on with the public, as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and other companies are still fine-tuning the concept. Apple, however, has a knack for getting the public fervor around its gadgets so it’s possible that the iWatch could help the smartwatch industry turn the corner.

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