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Brother & Sister Arrested For Having Sex In Church Parking Lot


This is pretty disgusting. A brother and sister in Georgia were arrested Tuesday (Aug. 26) morning, for having sex in a church parking lot. Timothy Savoy, 25, and his half-sister Christopher Buckner, 20, were busted when police responded to a call about a prowler in the area at around 4:00 a.m.

Reports differ as to how they were caught, but according to, Savoy and Buckner were spotted by deputies as they were walking down a street. Savoy told authorities that he was walking Buckner home, and it was later determined that they were brother and sister.

The pair confessed to having sex in a tractor trailer parked at the Countryside Baptist Church, which just so happens to be across the street from a high school. They decided to go all the way with each other (three times, no less) after watching The Notebook.

Both were arrested and charged with incest, aggravated sodomy, and prowling.

As gross as the story is, they’re not the first set of siblings to have an intimate relationship. A married couple in Brazil found out that they were actually brother and sister, and have no intentions of divorcing.

Photo: Effingham County Sheriff’s Office 

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  • BizzaroWorld2012

    I don’t understand homosexuality and believe it’s unhealthy and a psychological disorder and so is this behavior. Why then is one romanticized, encouraged, and praised with parades and special rights and the other mocked and despised.

  • loveleegurl

    This isn’t news or shocking because its their history and what they do.