Trent Clark

President Obama Gets Thoroughly Slandered For Wearing Tan Suit [Photos]



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  • dielaffn

    With everything going on, THIS is what they are worried about?…. Frfr?

    • Black

      I know, but keep it real, you didn’t laugh at the Mr. Clark comment?
      Okay, what about Sister Cora’s pinto….

      • dielaffn

        Ok, I did fall out, but that’s all I’m going to say.

  • loveleegurl

    Smdh @ such ignorance to run this as a story with all the real issues and problems this world has going on today.

  • MsDtown

    Nothing wrong with the suit. I can’t see the suit over everything going on in the world. We shall overcome….someday.

  • carolhoousendov

    Our President is so cool

    • Beverly

      Yea he is cool and there’s nothing wrong with the suit!!! He looks like he has gained weight and it looks good on him. He had gotten too gaunt!! I still think he needs to address Black issues more!

  • Gab rielle

    We’re REALLY talking about the COLOR of his suit??!!! AMERICA stop the foolishness!!!!

  • Baz

    Who are these vain people talking about the color of his suit? What’s the color of their hearts?

  • Gary M

    At least he wears a suit to something other than court or a casket! Stop hating on the POTUS!

  • Jesse Jackson

    Ignorance is bliss! Typical struggle story from hip-hop tired.