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Stupid Rapper Tweets: Chief Keef Is Terrible At Math


First of all, no one is expecting Chief Keef to be a math professor. Nevertheless, via Twitter, Sosa displayed an ineptitude for mathematics that was stunningly both sad and hilarious. 

The “Don’t Like” rapper proudly told the world he was back in the studio with Young Chop and they knocked out 30 songs in just three days. However, when the Chicago rapper tried to implement percentages; sh*t just did not compute. [Hint: 100% is the max, unless you’re being ironic, which was not the case here.]

We’re sure there will be those of you quick to say, “Chief Keef can count his money” or “He can pay for someone to do math for him” or something idiotic like that. We’re sorry for you, too.

Or maybe we’re being too tough on the lad? Who also already has a couple of kids and loves brandishing firearms on his Instagram. But that’s none of our business.


Peep the offending tweet below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 10.55.44 AM

Photo: Instagram

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  • Lwazi Ankh

    100% dumba$$

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    Maybe he meant 75% of the work is finished and of that 75%… 40% of it was freestyle???

    Or maybe he is just dumb.

    • Anon_Bk

      It’s the latter.

    • reallllcute

      I got what he was trying to say.

  • Guesty

    It seems like he was saying they wrote 75% of the songs in total.

  • Londa

    And people are really trying to make sense of this dirty, rotten scoundrel who yes I’m sure is just dumb. I mean his mother ain’t even 35 yet.

  • Lee

    It’s easy to make 30 songs in 3 days when you mumble incoherently over beats, this guy sucks.

  • Bee

    If only smart people could be rich, a lot of people wouldn’t be. So we just wait to hear for bankruptcy and IRS payment stories. And for Mr. Keef, it is coming. Just wait on it.

  • hmmmm

    A fool and his money shall soon part.

  • Philly stand UP

    Can’t stand his retarded @$$

  • cee19776

    Why does he always looks like he needs a bath and eucerine lotion

    • guest23

      Always but it seems like his body just repels soap water and lotion

    • Zettai

      LOLed so hard my stomach hurt!

  • Ravan Ebberd

    This is the pedophile rapper that was/is sleeping with a 14 year old. He can die. 100% along with all other pedophiles.

  • NiHi

    Somebody wasn’t paying attention in 3rd grade.

  • black andproud

    Just gonna sip my tea, sit on my porch in my rocking chair…. damn dummy