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TIME‘s “Negrophobia” Article Prompts Twitter Backlash [Photos]


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  • Bob

    White people love Black males, you can tell by how they’re always paired with white or dark white women the media….they know that Black males are easy to program with reverence for white women/people in general. You have to love the game, the new majority of “Black” people promoted in the media are mostly the offspring of white people that will take the money that Black people give them to support their white spouses and mostly white children like Halle Berry, Thandie Newton and Paula Patton.

    • Trendsetter

      Dude………ALL the women you just named are MIXED with black AND white.

      • Bob

        Reading is fundamental, I specifically said they were the offspring of white people that were being used to represent Black people…..yeah, so I know they’re mixed.

  • SunnyOne

    There are people who are afraid of blacks for whatever reason. Some of it is personal first hand experience, buying into stereotypes & media coverage.

    I was flipping through the cable channels & came across a Korean language with subtitles game show. Part of this game was describing a black man as bad, evil & & angry. So Koreans watching this game show are conditioned to fear the Blackman.

    If you fear something/someone you can justify to yourself a reason for mistreating or even killing it.

    Now some negrowwws don’t help the image of the people by engaging in unsavory behaviors & it doesn’t matter if “other races do it too”, the target is on the black race.

    And yes, negrophobia is another way to describe someone’s racist tendencies towards the black race.

  • thecelebully

    Stop getting so angry with a word that you can’t see through to the logic..smh White people have the privilege of everything else, and you want to fight to keep them from saying the N-Word? lol

  • Lady

    They are not afraid of blacks, they just hate them. People need to stay clear on this.

  • Daniel

    I agree that “negrophobic” sounds like it’s hiding the racist element, but it’s also true that “homophobic” has been a comfy way to acknowledge prejudice against gays, or “xenophobic” used to comfortably address prejudice immigrants, this is another case of a prejudice being regarded as a phobia.

    In the end, though, people realize what these words mean, though it does remind me of what the late George Carlin once alluded to when he was saying that people with PTSD might’ve gotten better care if we still called it “shell shock” instead of watering things down with “post traumatic stress disorder”.

    I doubt the word will catch on, anyway, it just seems very thrown together and altogether inappropriate.