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Michael Sam Signs With Dallas Cowboys, Haters Let Gay Jokes Fly [Photos]


By now, it’s pretty much understood that Michael Sam will make history with his every manuever and Jerry Jones is to thank for the latest one.

After being cut from the St. Louis Rams, the Dallas Cowboys offered Sam an opportunity to become the first openly gay player–who had been cut from a team–to join a new one.

Via Fox Sports:

Coach Jason Garrett said Wednesday that the league’s first openly gay player will be added to the practice roster.

“We just want to give him a chance to come in and help our football team,” Garrett said. “That’s where our attention is (football). What people say outside the organization is up to them.”

The Cowboys, who are seeking help with their pass rush because of injuries and the offseason release of franchise sacks leader DeMarcus Ware, added Sam four days after he was released by St. Louis when teams had to cut rosters to 53 players.

Being on the Dallas roster means Sam is returning to his home state. He was a lightly regarded recruit out of Hitchcock, Texas, a town of about 7,000 along the Gulf Coast about 40 miles southeast of Houston. His first two years at Missouri, Sam backed up Aldon Smith and Jacquies Smith, both of whom are in the NFL.

Sam isn’t likely to be on the active roster for Sunday’s opener against San Francisco.

All professional football fans know that “America’s Team” divides the line between love and hate precisely down the middle and the slander and jokes immediately followed the announcement.

Scroll through the gallery below to see what the individuals who were fearless of reprisal had to say about Michael Sam Dallas Cowboys move. We spared you most of the obvious Brokeback Mountain ones.


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  • Guest

    I wish I could send all of these sodomites over to Iraq and watch what ISIS would do to them with a blunt knife.

  • PolkaDots

    This dude’s career is going to be shorter than Donovan McNabb’s –> I didn’t even think that were possible.

    • HaveASeat

      Umm do you even watch football? McNabb played for about 12 years.

      • PolkaDots

        Donovan’s career was over long BEFORE 12 years. The ONLY reason why he was around for so long was because of Andy Reid. He took to him.

        Donovan S^CKED then and he S^CKS now. Out of the 12 years how many did he actually work? The same with Tebow out of his CAREER which I am sure will COMPLETELY end in about 5 years how many have he actually worked?

        GTFOOH with the BS. That little SHORT stint with the Bears, I believe, after the Eagles. This dude was couch surfing in AZ for the longest before anyone picked him up.

        Don S^CKED and I’m sure this dude will be next — He will be HOLDING on to years in which he was UNEMPLOYED to give the illusion of long work history….How many years has T.O. been EMPLOYED huh?


      • HaveASeat

        You are ignorant. Stop with the ranting; you sound like you are on the edge.

      • PolkaDots

        No YOU are ignorant. Learn to use the APPROPRIATE word and not the word that is H0t you MORON…..I’m ON POINT as usual. Now run along nappy head.

      • John Philippi

        Majority rules, you lost the argument buddy. lol

      • PolkaDots

        “Majority rules, you lost the argument buddy.” — You did, so stop commenting f^cker.

  • biwomen

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  • OneAdam12

    Micheal Sam for President !