Cecil Lennox

Michael Sam Signs With Dallas Cowboys, Haters Let Gay Jokes Fly [Photos]



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  • Guest

    I wish I could send all of these sodomites over to Iraq and watch what ISIS would do to them with a blunt knife.

  • PolkaDots

    This dude’s career is going to be shorter than Donovan McNabb’s –> I didn’t even think that were possible.

    • HaveASeat

      Umm do you even watch football? McNabb played for about 12 years.

      • PolkaDots

        Donovan’s career was over long BEFORE 12 years. The ONLY reason why he was around for so long was because of Andy Reid. He took to him.

        Donovan S^CKED then and he S^CKS now. Out of the 12 years how many did he actually work? The same with Tebow out of his CAREER which I am sure will COMPLETELY end in about 5 years how many have he actually worked?

        GTFOOH with the BS. That little SHORT stint with the Bears, I believe, after the Eagles. This dude was couch surfing in AZ for the longest before anyone picked him up.

        Don S^CKED and I’m sure this dude will be next — He will be HOLDING on to years in which he was UNEMPLOYED to give the illusion of long work history….How many years has T.O. been EMPLOYED huh?


      • HaveASeat

        You are ignorant. Stop with the ranting; you sound like you are on the edge.

      • PolkaDots

        No YOU are ignorant. Learn to use the APPROPRIATE word and not the word that is H0t you MORON…..I’m ON POINT as usual. Now run along nappy head.

      • John Philippi

        Majority rules, you lost the argument buddy. lol

      • PolkaDots

        “Majority rules, you lost the argument buddy.” — You did, so stop commenting f^cker.

  • biwomen

    bisexual women looking for couples dot c o m

  • OneAdam12

    Micheal Sam for President !