Trent Clark

Jill Scott Leaked Pics Cause Black Twitter To Lose It [Photos]



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  • CaribbeanGlow

    Deeeeem! I’m a woman, but that topless one made my mouth drop!

    • ??

      in a good or bad way?

      • CaribbeanGlow

        Good I guess. I was amazed! No hate for sure.

  • Guest

    I wasn’t ready

    • Guest2

      Neither was I, thought I was going to see articles in my twitter timeline then 0_0…

  • yungspitta1

    Where are they

  • PolkaDots

    Good Lord! A person can’t even have privacy in their privacy! This is outrageous that someone took it upon themselves to steal other people’s information: (images or other) and post it over the internet for the world to see.

    It’s not right!

    • T-MAK

      who uploads nudes to the cloud tho??

      • lyric

        When you take pics with an iPhone they automatically go to the cloud

      • Trendsetter

        Only if you set it up that way. Its not a must.

      • PolkaDots

        But it shouldn’t even matter dude. These people have even broken into people’s email accounts (previous cases — Scarlett Jo).

        Crazy and bizarre that a person would go to THAT length embarrass/humiliate someone. It’s people with surveillance cameras.

        They think they are watching the intruders but who is watching them. (I even saw someone break into someone’s phone and turn the camera ON THE without the even knowing it) Craziness.

      • King II

        Don’t worry, hackers will never ever come for you. You’re safer than safe.

      • PolkaDots

        S^ck a d!ck.

  • Nina

    Why are you encouraging people to search for the pics? This woman’s privacy was severely violated and youre just going adding kindling to the fire.

  • MrsMommy

    Beyaki’s photos will be of herself kissing her image in the mirror and other photos of herself.

    • Guest

      Do you have a life outside of Beyonce? You’re obsessed.

    • King II

      I bet you wake up wet from dreaming about her. Get help.

      ps: not even a fan but you’re mentally disturbed.

  • smoothjay

    Glade i dont f**k with iphone…Love my android i put all my pics on my sd card

  • Riley “Miss Lisa”

    I dont think Jill has anything to be ashamed of—she’s not n3ked, she’s wearing a robe, and she looks good. She needs to wipe the dust off her shoulders and move on.

  • So much for being a good role model… she just a thot

  • Billy Slays

    Jill is so fine *sigh*

  • Guest

    She is na ked. In one pic, t!ts out, in another vajayjay is out. And both are her.