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25 “Black” TV Shows That Were Cancelled After 1 Season


Autumn 2014 is only weeks away and besides the obviousness of the return of NFL Football, it means that primetime TV is rolling out a crop of new telvision shows for the masses. But if it happens to be a show targeted at a urban demographic, it may be under the gun.


Sure there are a few beloved African-American sitcoms that went on to become sacred. But we found twenty-five “Black” TV shows that were cancelled after 1 season. Some of them deserved it, some of them received the short end of the stick.

Check them out in the slideshow below. You will find some big names such as Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey and Dave Chappelle who didn’t exactly take off out the gate.

Photos: BET

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  • sigh

    South Central was my show!!!

  • Sean B

    Thea!!!!!!!!! Jason “The Real Ray-J” Weaver, Moesha in training Brandy…classic

  • dingo_egret

    UPN was the only station carrying some half decent shows after the demise of Black comedies on NBC and FOX.

  • MS. LADY

    That brought back so many good childhood memories! Thanks Hip Hop Wired!

  • ♚A. R.♚(Call me Mr. Tibbs ™)

    Friday the animated series wtf?

  • …..

    Damon aired in 1998

  • Zettai

    Couldn’t we have just had one slide with the UPN logo on it?

  • Oh The Shade!!!!

    I bet if Friday:The Animated Series came back, let’s say on Adult Swim, It would be a hit. I say make it happen Cube

    • Kiki Wiles

      Only if it had the same actors from the movies voicing the characters and better animation. Cube can’t even make another Friday movie happen.

  • Oh The Shade!!!!

    Why didn’t Here and Know become a hit? It was a good show.

  • DRUNK247

    Light-skins ride the blck card only to advance themselves

  • Kiki Wiles

    I remember seeing the animated version of Friday on MTV, it was awful.

  • Kiki Wiles

    The Tracy Morgan show and Reed between the lines just wasn’t funny.

  • Kiki Wiles

    The only show based off a movie that was good was Soulfood. Barbershop was confusing with not only different actors, but different names.