Trent Clark

25 “Black” TV Shows That Were Cancelled After 1 Season


The Arsenio Hall Show

Died: 2014

Just…dammit man.

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  • sigh

    South Central was my show!!!

  • Sean B

    Thea!!!!!!!!! Jason “The Real Ray-J” Weaver, Moesha in training Brandy…classic

  • dingo_egret

    UPN was the only station carrying some half decent shows after the demise of Black comedies on NBC and FOX.

  • MS. LADY

    That brought back so many good childhood memories! Thanks Hip Hop Wired!

  • ♚A. R.♚(Call me Mr. Tibbs ™)

    Friday the animated series wtf?

  • …..

    Damon aired in 1998

  • Zettai

    Couldn’t we have just had one slide with the UPN logo on it?

  • Oh The Shade!!!!

    I bet if Friday:The Animated Series came back, let’s say on Adult Swim, It would be a hit. I say make it happen Cube

    • Kiki Wiles

      Only if it had the same actors from the movies voicing the characters and better animation. Cube can’t even make another Friday movie happen.

  • Oh The Shade!!!!

    Why didn’t Here and Know become a hit? It was a good show.

  • DRUNK247

    Light-skins ride the blck card only to advance themselves

  • Kiki Wiles

    I remember seeing the animated version of Friday on MTV, it was awful.

  • Kiki Wiles

    The Tracy Morgan show and Reed between the lines just wasn’t funny.

  • Kiki Wiles

    The only show based off a movie that was good was Soulfood. Barbershop was confusing with not only different actors, but different names.