Damon Richardson

Fabolous Upset With Insincere RIP Joan Rivers Tweets [Photos]


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  • THE REAL……..Aunt TT

    Well h3ll he has a point….

  • Shilee

    where is the insincere tweet at????? he it keep it 1 hunit & if Joan was alive she would’ve appreciated what he said sense she has never cared about what anybody thought of her, she was true to herself, she didn’t follow trends she actually set them, she got blackballed from places for speaking her mind and cracking jokes at times people actually called “insincere” or insensitive as well…..and she has always said that comedians are allowed to talk about any & everything, there isn’t a limit! but real talk, I said the she ish about that Ice Bucket Challenge and I heard only like 20% of the money actually goes toward the research the rest they are pocketing…meanwhile kids are drinking dirty water with parasites in them in Africa!!! FOH Fab said some real ISH

  • Its the Truth

    I so respect this young man! Educate the masses young man! God bless

  • Its the Truth

    Ppl need to wake up bcuz this aint a joke

  • B617

    While I can’t stand fabolous as a rapper, I agree with everything he said.

  • C J Jordan

    Basically……. The bottom line is that there are too many d-ck riders and not enough leaders.

  • He’s right. I’m surprised he didn’t mention everyone growing beards. Even guys who only have 20 hairs in their beards insist on following the trend.

  • Mena718

    I agree 1000000% . Did I do that challenge ? NO . Did I donate? NO? Did I do a twerk video when every Bish was on their walls upside down twerking? NO. All these kids/adults are FOLLOWERS with no minds of their own and it’s despicable . Smh