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D.C. Youth Say Free Condoms Are Too Small, Too Weak


Youth in the nation’s capital are rallying against the free condoms distributed at high schools and colleges saying that they’re too small and too weak for their liking.

The Washington Post reports that D.C. officials have been receiving complaints from students claiming that the Durex condoms offered for free are not up to par.

A study conducted by D.C. Council Member David Catania concluded that,

“Youth feel that Trojan condoms are of better quality and offer more protection. Youth also regard Magnums as the best extra strength and protection against (diseases) and ‘do not break’ during sexual intercourse.”

To fix that problem, officials have decided to stock up on Trojan condoms including the company’s Trojan Magnum brand.

Officials say however that gripes about Durex’s safety are simply untrue considering that Consumer Reports magazine gave the brand the same “excellent” ratings as many of Trojan’s similar brands.

The size issue however may have a leg to stand on.

Condom manufacturer Condomania concluded in a study that Washington D.C. men are the second most endowed in the U.S. behind New Orleans.

D.C.’s aggressive free condom campaign began in 2006 to battle its rising HIV/AIDS rate.

3 percent of the district’s population has HIV and condoms are available for free in schools and online per request.

D.C. also recently started providing free female condoms at local barbershops, liquor stores and youth centers.

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  • lilnita

    oooh i need to make trip that way lol j.k

  • Alewis


  • alicia a

    what a bunch of bullcrap!!

  • alicia a

    oh,stay in your lane.. chasing after a big one..!

  • alicia a

    and im sure they did that onpurpose to the black youth because they already know blackguys are bigger!

  • SweetLittleMe10

    DUREX condoms are a piece of Shyte! Always have, and always will be. I have had a few break before my eyes while he was trying to get it on. They know those raggedy bishes don’t work. Setting folks up for failure.

  • Tee

    At least that means they’re using them. Wouldn’t it be worse if they didn’t use?
    They will do the do, regardless of what and I’m happy they’re complaining.

    THERE I said it

  • denne

    lifestyles and durex are the worst and unfortunately that’s what they tend to give out for free on college campuses and health institutions. at my school the trojans were always the first to go from the free baggies hanging in all the dorms…

  • chocolate city chocolate city chocolate city

  • ViVa La Juicy

    Ummmm I may need to go to D.C. I already got my trip plan for New Orleans but since I’m so close to D.C. I may need to take a trip to get me one of those men. Lol. Just kidding.

  • Mrs. B

    DC was ranked #2in biggest thang thangs. Kids just might need stronger condoms. I’m from DC….never heard about this tho.

  • Luv My People

    You can play with it if you want to but Black people are becoming extinct. AIDS is wiping our azz out all across the globe. In about 100 to 200 years we will be like the damn dinosaurs.



  • Omar

    Thats some bull. Everybody everything is bigger in Texas.

  • Alan King

    “DC Youth Speak On The Truth Of School Reform” Please read at http://wp.me/pC3Xj-gr