Retired Baltimore Ravens tight end, Shannon Sharpe, explained why it was not fair to expect the NFL to campaign against domestic violence.

In a round table discussion with Izell Reese, Christine Brennan and Candy Crowley, the NFL Hall of Famer weighed in on Roger Goodell’s handling of the NFL abuse scandal, revealing he was beaten as a child in the process.

“There’s a very, very fine line between child abuse and discipline,” he explained. “And what’s acceptable when I grew up, and what you did determined how you got disciplined and what you got disciplined with, whether it was a hose pipe, or bullwhip or a belt or a broomstick or extension cord. Switches were the least of your problems. But if you did something that my grandparents thought you deserved the harshest punishment, that’s what you got. I wouldn’t change my background, but I understood as I had kids that there was no possible way I could raise them how I was reared.”

Watch the full discussion in the video clip below. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on disciplining a child and domestic violence.


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