Michael J. Fox’s birthday is June 9. Hell, Marty McFly’s birthday is reportedly known to be June 12. Why the tenured actor who famously suffers from Parkison’s Disease is being wished a Happy Birthday across social media is anyone’s guess, but he appears to be victim of a cruel Internet hoax.


Naturally the first instinct when seeing the Back to the Future star’s name trending on Twitter was he had passed away. Once user realized the 53-year-old legend was alive and well, the uncalled slander began to commence. Some of the users seemingly had profiles created just to stir the pot. Somebody out there is having fun playing with hellfire.

Kanye West was infamously slammed last year for his 2013 record “On Site” where he inserted the Parkison’s condition into his lyrics using an unsavory simile. What we have here is much worse.

Check out what was spread in the slides below. If you’re following any of this individuals, you might want to hit that delete button.

Photos: DJDM/WENN.com, Twitter

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