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Man Burns Down House Because Dinner Was Late


How many people have become disgruntled and irritated when they come home from a long day at work, expecting a meal, but find no food ready or even being cooked?

For Guy Edward Jones, 60, a missed meal from his wife resulted in him burning down the house.

He must have figured that he’d cook something if she wouldn’t.

With reports stating that Jones had went out drinking, when he returned home to no dinner on the table from his wife Beverly, an argument ensued and his wife was reported as fleeing their home, probably due to the escalation of the heated debate.

After arriving at a neighbor’s house, the wife could only watch as the house was slowly burning, watching flames burst out from the basement, with her husband coming out the home.

Detained for his act, Jones is being charged with arson.

On a lighter note, at least he’ll know in prison that the food will be there on time.

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  • aleximaq

    This is one dumb azz man…..

  • Benzoe88

    shiiiit the man was hungry lol i would’ve probably did the same thing lmao

  • Anon

    Silly man, now you have no dinner and no house…….

  • Yaya

    lol I was just about to type the same thing. @PWL