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Man Axes Blind Landlord For Evicting Him


“Do you want to die?”

If going postal is a term associated with a person losing their job, there needs to be a new phrase coined for the reaction of those that get kicked out of their home.

Milutin Vukmir, 74, after finding out that his landlord at the senior home was in the midst of evicting him, indicated through a 30-day notice, the man took matters into his own hands by attacking the woman with an axe.

The woman wasn’t ready to see what was coming, mostly due to the fact that she is blind.

Approaching the woman outside of her building, Vukmir walked up behind her and proceeded to take some shots at her with an axe.

Left with two open wounds, the woman was rushed to the Kenosha Medical Center where she received 16 staples.

This wasn’t the first instance where the tenant felt it necessary to use brutal force as he had used a golf club on the blind woman a week before.

When questioned by authorities, he stated that the woman deserved it as him getting evicted was her fault.

Vukmir is being charged with attempted homicide and his attorney has stated that he suspects his client suffers from some mental issues.

REALLY???  Would have never even guessed that.

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  • aleximaq

    I know better than anyone that times are hard…but attack your blind landlord from behind???? WTF???? Dude, you are 74 years old….you could have taken that eviction notice to social services and they would have given you a place to stay for free…prolly for the rest of your life…..this is one dumb azz man…

  • PedophilesWillLineThePitsOfHell

    He’s too old and close to death to be pulling stupid stunts like this. He might have to answer for that crap sooner than he thinks. Effing weirdo attacking a BLIND woman with an axe.