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Florida Woman Gets Breast Implants With Stolen Identity


A  Broward County, Florida woman is in police custody after authorities say she swiped someone’s credit card and used it to pay for her $9,000 implants.

Police arrested 29-year-old Shatarka Nuby after they say she stole the credit card information of a girl who wrote it on a college application and tried to mail it off to a University.

The girl’s application was never received by the college and she discovered she was $19,000 in debt from five cards that were illegally taken out in her name.

Police say Nuby was responsible and used the money to replace her breast implants and get liposuction on her arms.

Police report that she has a history of identity theft and served just under a year in jail for three incidents of fraud in 2008.

She now faces up to ten years in jail for the crimes.

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    instead of breast implants,she should of gotten a face implant
    she h e l la ugly.

  • Clark

    Those are great ideas. Thanks for pointing them out.

  • kissel

    Pre-OP or Post-OP?

  • Steve D

    Why do we let identity thieves off so lightly? These are absolutely premeditated crimes, aimed at specific people whose names are known to the perps. Put them in a cell with a glove box at one end and let them work at sorting recycling or assembling stuff until their crimes, plus room and board, are paid off.

  • Well at least she will look pretty in jail hehe. I know beauty is important for us, but it should never be more valuable than our principles. At least that is my opinion