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Bill O’Reilly Tells Black Columbia Professor He Looks Like A Drug Dealer [Video]


Bill O’Reilly is continuing to make offensive and disrespectful comments, this time telling a Black professor at Columbia University that he looks like he sells cocaine.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill appeared on the FOX News commentator’s “O’Reilly Factor” and while the two were having a discussion O’Reilly remarked,

“Say you’re a cocaine dealer….and you kind of look like one a lil bit..…”

To which the professor slyly replied,

“As do you. You look like a cocaine user.”


[Check out the video under the jump.]

Dr. Hill looks nothing like a drug dealer to me…but hey, what do I know…

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  • aleximaq

    Damn…talk about a joke going BAD…Bill thought he was gonna win some points with his ragedy azz viewers with that one….but instead…he got shut the p.h.u.c.k.up…..when will he learn????

  • Sue Carter

    Dr. Hill is too fine!…and funny too!

    He handled that really well!

  • Hi_Man


  • Mr.C

    Bill Knows how to hit tha bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why are Black people going on his show and entertaining his racist A$$ anyway? http://rhymesandpolitics.com/?p=602


  • jim

    nice comeback

  • GG

    I am surprised that Bill O is still living. I would have thought somebody would have bust some caps in his a*s by now.

  • rudy

    haha dude put that him in check real quick

  • Jewels

    O’Reilly is a hate mongrel. The world would be better off without this douchbag!!