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Bangin Candy: Bottom-Heavy LA Beauty Ciera Rogers


Quickly glance at our latest Bangin Candy, Ciera Rogers, and you’ll see that Los Angeles lives up to its nickname: the City of Angels.

Despite her West Coast roots, the beauty is built like the cornbread-fed women we know and love from southern states. But Rogers’ allure spans past her looks and shapely posterior. She’s the owner of an independent clothing brand and e-commerce site Babes and Felines, which carriers women’s clothing.

Meet her (or see her pictures) by checking out the gallery after the jump. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Instragram

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  • OGHTown

    She’s from Houston, not the West Coast LOL

  • guest

    old face, love handles, lumpy a$$.

  • guest

    A s s looks gross af like kim kardashians

  • Riley “Miss Lisa”

    All these instagram girls look the same to me

  • theokyoung

    Thirsty dudes make all this possible. They inflate the value on these chicks.

  • Tez Howes

    She’s a fail for me on a personal taste level but if she’s happy and comfortable in her own skin, more power to her.

  • Heavy is the krown

    She from Houston… went to Univ of Houston… moved to Cali with her sister to try to “make it”

  • truther

    besides her butt. what is really attractive on her? not the face..

    • skeeteril

      Really? Your diggin the butt?