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Man Rips Out Friend's Heart While He Was Alive


Upon returning home early one morning, a man was witness to a tragic scene involving two of his friends.

Reported by The Times-Standard, Justin Davis stepped into his home, picking up his dog, and found a gruesome sight before him as his friend, Jarrod Wyatt, was standing in the living room, naked and bloody, with a brutally beaten body, friend Taylor Powell, before him.

Upon entry, he told Davis that he was attempting to cut out his friend’s heart.

Wyatt, 26, was a cage fighter and had been reported as acting strangely after drinking some wild mushroom tea.

Davis left the scene and located a pay phone to call the authorities.  When they arrived, Wyatt was seen on the couch with the body of Powell.  Already beaten, most of his face had been removed and an eyeball was laying in the middle of the living room.

Powell also had a large cut in his chest, in which many of his organs were removed, including his heart.  According to Wyatt, he threw the heart in the fire.

As coroner’s later examined the body, it was revealed that the heart was extracted from the body of Powell while he was still alive, which caused him to bleed to death.  Further investigation showed that he had his head repeatedly rammed into the wall.

Although detectives found mushrooms in the kitchen, it has yet to be determined if these were a factor in the brutal act and his overall behavior.

Wyatt has been charged with first-degree murder.

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  • aleximaq

    Ok….now I KNOW that Jesus is returning soon…soon…I sure pray He does anyway….

  • Man, this is sick..

  • Drock

    Wow this is extremely disturbing to say the least. The devil is running wild. People must repent, and seek the Lord, because these seem to be the last days for real.

  • Stop It!!!

    This is just too much. I feel for the victim’s family.

  • dee

    He needs Jesus. This is so sick!!!

  • sholla21

    That poor man.
    What a horrible way to die.

  • omg


  • I refuse to believe this story.

  • wide-eyed reporting, from the sublime to the ridiculous is only one step,

  • Jabree

    that guy is crazy

  • allison

    How heartless …

  • Nolzar

    I bet this story becomes a sweet Law and Order next month.

  • d

    Uh…sorry…but for those of you who wrote that this guy either needs Jesus in his life or that Jesus is returning soon as a result of this incident, you’re confusing the issue at hand. As another commentator already mentioned, Wyatt’s actions were not the result of the devil having caused him to do what he did; it was the result of being a mentally-ill person. And, being the case that many of those who are mentally-ill regard themselves as being prophets, the last thing they need is for Jesus (or any other religious deity) to play a larger role in their lives since all that will do is feed their delusions even more so. Go ahead and take a few science courses so that you won’t be so eager to cling onto myths you were indoctrinated with from an early age.