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Woman Kills Herself While Driving After Daughter Refuses To Pull Trigger


A California woman shot and killed herself while driving Saturday after her 9-year-old refused her request to do it for her.

Authorities report that the woman, who is not being identified, handed her daughter a 9 mm handgun and asked her to kill her because she was having a severe asthma or emphysema attack.

State police Lieutenant Roman Jimenez tells the Associated Press,

“She told her to shoot her. And she wouldn’t. The daughter said she has had these kinds of attacks before, but she’d never been suicidal.”

After the young girl refused, the woman then grabbed the gun and fired a shot into her own chest.

The AP reports that the car rolled to a stop on the shoulder of the highway and nearby motorists attempted to help the woman before her death.

The girl was not injured and has been taken into protective custody.

Alcohol and drugs are not suspected factors in the shooting.

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  • darealwifey

    Lord have mercy. I’m not going to comment on her decision to end her life, but she could not have pulled the car over to make sure her daughter was safe or better yet not done something so violent in front of her child? Seems like more to this story to me.



  • DC_Diva

    Poor girl. My heart goes out to her. I am traumatized and I’m a grown woman who wasn’t even there.

  • Special

    WOW…WHY….Would she do that . Seems to me along with all the things they listed with her ,she also had some mental issues too. My prayers go out to the family. It’s written that YOU don’t have the right to take your own life. She will still be in pain.

  • Ayana

    Are you serious? WHY? In front of the child? Yeah…it was her decision to make but in front of her child?

  • So damn just crazy for no reason then?? Man just when u think you’ve heard it all then more maddness comes that tops that previous.

  • me too

    sad sad as another person commented that they have been tramutaized for life, I too am a person whose parent killed themselves when I was 12. something you never, ever get over. My Dad left suicide notes addressed to me. messed me up for real. many many many years of therapy the most selfish thing a parent can do to a child.

  • Why would she do this? Something else had to be going on with her other than an asthma attack.

  • lashana

    May god have mercy on her soul nobody will ever know what happen but her and god bless her child to have such a tragic memorie of her mother

  • dom dom

    This is a very horrible situation thats ends tragic and this mother who obviously has a mental problem along with some other types of unstable disorder she has destroy her child future and hopes and this poor little girl will battle this destruction for years throughout her life to her adult years and its sad that we as children look up to the one source thats suppose to guide us and lead us and strenghten us and give full care and attention but the mother robbed her child of that type of love. Where ever the mother soul is laying today I dont think it is in peace. God Bless the daughter.

  • wow.. that is crazy. God have mercy on that child! shes scarred for life… 🙁

  • Oh My! damn po daughter hade to see that happen…wow I wish her well!

  • SweetIngredients

    That’s awful, truly awful. Why would she do that to her daughter? May God be with her daughter!