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Uncle Luke’s Daughter Exposes Him As Woman Beater and Bad Father [Video]


As Uncle Luke faced scrutiny and court appearances for the lewd language and alleged nature of his group, 2 Live Crew, his problems at home are becoming something that require more attention.

The daughter of Luke, legally Luther Campbell, who was featured on his reality show Luke’s Parental Advisory, is looking to get her own 15 minutes of fame and using her dad as the catalyst with allegations that he used to brutally beat her mother.

Along with abuse, she is also stating that her father only claims 1 of his 5 children and wants his son Luther to be placed in a homeless shelter.

“He use to beat her.  Beat her down till she couldn’t even move and walk.  At the age of 3, he kicked me and my mom out of the house.  What kind of father is that?”

[Check the other claims as she tries to expose Uncle Luke after the jump]

Is it just me or does this feel a little too scripted to be believable?

Reality television is slowly but surely becoming a deterrent in the mental growth of the Black population as its only purpose serves as a means to further bring down Black people and create a false image of utter ignorance.

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  • jia

    Two sides to every story. If true, that’s a real tragedy but I believe family business should be taken care of at home and through the legal system. Call the police or leave when he’s not there. It might not be easy but it’s far better than being abused and allowing your children to be abused.

  • Macy

    This Bish Sounds Stupid As Hell, She Must Really Need Some Attention. Grow Up Bish, Nobody Gives a Damn about You. If He Was So Bad, Why Was Yo Ugly Azz On The Show Going Along With Everything????? GTFO Bish!! Get A Job and Some Self Esteem!!! Or Just Kill Yo Self!!

  • I mean…Really.

    All I have to say is “Wow!” Either this girl is out for money, on drugs, or mad at her dad. Either way it is a sad situation. I dont know if I could put myself on a show on the account of showing that one of my parent’s is ill-gotten. Im gonna be empathetic here, maybe this girl is hurt and all the years of frustration and anger have made her act out on proving to the public that things are different behind closed doors. SMH..

  • reality

    She is not cute, smart or classy, Luke is not that interesting for more than one season of a reality show so why would we watch a black valley girl from florida talking about Luke. Get a life, a look, and a lifesaver!!

  • MangoMadness

    @ shalonndramarie homegurl……shut the hell up


    I’m wit u on dna n thinga, she don’t look like either “mama” nor the alleged father “Luke”.While he wuz f u c k i n g all them h o e s, she was getting sumthing, sumthing too.
    As for the ugly girl, she say she remember him kicking her when she was 3???

  • camille

    This Bish Needs Some Attention BAD!!! Wow I Can’t Believe Ppl Like Her Would Throw Their Own Family Under A Bus Just To Get A TV Show Foreals. That’s Effed Up!! I’m Pretty Sure If Her Mother Was Been Beaten She Would’ve Been The 1st To Come Out Public Since The Show ‘Was A Lie’ And She Thought Luke Was Being ‘Fake’. And Who The Hell Remembers Ish When They Were 3? Especially Not Being Kicked Out The House, If Anything Somebody Feed That To Her And She Absorbed It All. SN: How The Hell She Gonna Promote Somebody And She Got The Ish All Wrong The Name Of Trina’s Album Is Entitled ‘Amazin’ Not Million Dollar Girl.


    no there’s 3 sides 2 E’RY STORY…..HER SIDE….HIS SIDE….N’ THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!! ON THE REAL THO…..WHO GIVES A FLYIN’ F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

  • Mensa

    Its not as though this guy has represented like someone you might respect – just the opposite…always on the search for a female willing to do something strange for change – I would have never thought someone who seemed to have such a lack of respect for women to have a daughter though – that was an eye popper.
    He could be ignorant as he appears to be, willing to exploit every little girl in the world, and its still possible that he’s not guilty of the things his daughter says he is – hard to say.

  • SAD

    No wonder its difficult for women and children to come forward regarding abuse. Look at the backlash….


    yeah luke is a bad father,he could have at least got this spoiled bastards hair done!

  • Pleez honey

    What a revolting blog entry. Whoever wrote this frighteningly ignorant drivel should be fired and replaced.

  • ~I think it is bull, maybe she wants a sitcom lol

  • No Need To ID

    Maybe this young lady is going about things the wrong way but being a native Miami girl myself,I know for a fact she ain’t lying…Her father is as ignorant as they come.I know one of his girl Ex-girlfriends from new orleans and she is a hair stylist and she sported a black eye on a regular bases.He payed a group of girls to beat her up.Me personally I would never admit that he was my father…I feel bad for the new wife because she will be singing the same tune shortly if she already isn’t…Sad sad commentary.