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Bill Maher Cracks Jokes On Obama…Is It Racist Or Are People Taking His Jokes Too Serious???


Bill Maher recently made some jokes about President Obama not acting like a “Black” president on his HBO show.

Maher stated,

“I thought when we elected a Black president, we were going to get a Black president. You know, this  is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs, you know, where he lifts up his shirt where you can see the gun in his pants [saying];

“‘We’ve got a motherfu*king problem here?’ Shoot somebody in the foot.

Let us know if you think this joke’s racist or no matter what kind of joke it is regarding President Obama, it’ll be deemed as racist.

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  • your name here

    1st U lames!!!! haha

  • your name here

    1st… #thatisall


    No not at all,As someone stated before me our black comedians tell jokes about white folk all the time…Richard Pryor was the king of it and we all know he wasn’t a racist…It’s just comedy

  • William

    Its comedy calm down, if a black person make a joke about a white person it would be all good. Quit having double standards

  • alicia a

    white people make more kokes about blacks , and i went to a blacke clmedy show and the jokes are not that bad about whites, but whites categorize all blacks .. its racist and bill m can kiss my black a$$!

  • NY Bomber Zag

    Alicia, if the comedy there was on the same level as your spelling I can see why. Your comment is bull crap. That was one poor show. Bernie Mack, D.L., and that African dude go hard with their white jokes. Especially Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle with “cracker” skits. Black people do it all the time. It isn’t a one way street the difference is when a black person gets a taste of their medicine they play the race card. GTFOH! Trust me if you get out more you will see.

  • janell

    I don’t knwo how to feel on this one. I mean someone should be alot more threatening to those BP execs because this is f**cking up the eco system which is going to effect all of us sooner or later. And the efforts to correct this mistake has been lethatrgic at its best. But the Maher joke went just a bit over the edge, I mean I know he used to bang Supa-Head and all but, that still don’t give him a pass, I mean for real, who hasn’t banged her?? He needs to use discretion when telling jokes as do all white people. I mean we cool but we ain’t that cool.

  • I don’t think its racist, because if a black comedian made the same joke it wouldn’t be. However, being that he is white it was poor taste. I’ve said the same thing among my friends and we all just laughed and agreed.

  • Dino

    The show is called politically incorrect

  • Andrew

    If you define racism as the belief that another ethnicity or people are inferior, then yes, I would consider this joke racist. It implies that black people are more willing to resort to violence, and less capable of resolving disputes diplomatically.

    If a black person makes a joke that implies white people are inferior, that would be racist too. People are allowed to say what they want, even if that’s racist. People can pay to listen to their racist comments. But Bill Maher puts out a regular show, pretending to be this incredibly progressive liberal, and this huge friend of the black community. But he’s not helping the community by throwing out stupid, uninspired caricatures. We got rid of minstrel years ago, and I wouldn’t mind seeing this garbage disappear either.

  • Chez

    Did it come from Bill Maher? Then of course it’s not racist. Now if the exact same joke came from, say, Glenn Beck, then it would be completely racist. Jeez, didn’t you get the memo?

  • LenLenLen

    Not racist, not funny, but not racist…

  • Atlas

    Doesnt Bill Maher date mostly black women?

  • I don’t know if “racist” is technically the correct word, but what Maher said was definitely a disturbing negative stereotype. He’s saying that the highest or most authentic quality that a black man can possess (“a real black president”) is his ability to threaten violence, rather than his ability to reason or lead through peaceful/diplomatic means. This demeans the dignity of African American men everywhere.

    To the posters here who dismiss this as mere “comedy”: do you also dismiss blackface performances as mere “comedy” as well? Comedy, whether funny or not, can still be wrong and it’s time to stop brushing it away like comedians have no moral responsibility in what they say.

  • Dozhiasmoke

    To some people it may be considered a racist comment but I don’t think it’s a racist comment. I am a black woman from the Oakland, Cali and we always “Go Hard” here. I think he means that the President should be “Going Hard” at this problem…u know…get hood wit it…strong arm a muthaf***a. It’s been over a month and the oil is still just flowing freely. Ain’t nothing gettin done and who’s gonna have to pay for it…we are. Don’t take this comment literally…he just wants the President to “Go Hard”.

  • Apalled

    Blatantly racist – no matter who is saying it. If someone on FOX said it, the scandal would reach the outerlimits in capacity – but because it’s said on an Obama clone network, it”s “humor”?? What’s funny about being racist or stereotyping a group of people because of some few thugs? The only group worthy of that kind of stereotyping is politicians – and perhaps so-called comedians. Maher and “tingle up my leg” Matthews have waaaaaay outlasted their self-assumed usefulness.

  • Brutus

    So, if any other white comedian said the same joke, there would be no racist outrage. For example if a southern “Redneck type” comedian — Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and/or Larry the Cable Guy told the same joke, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would stay at home and say: “Not a problem — It’s just comedy.” Maybe Don Imus should tell this same joke now….

  • IceColdBunny

    The problem is, just because maher likes to screw black women, he’s gotten just a little too comfortable.

    Being black is something that maher will NEVER, EVER truly understand therefore him saying this is OUT OF LINE. Is that his depiction of what being a REAL black person is? Even if a black person said this coonery, Obama is the president, not suge knight.

  • shalonndramarie

    All I got to say is Yes it is was racist, he is white everything they say about black people is racist! Don’t let the smooth taste fool you.

  • CERO

    Bill is a comedian, and a very insightful and funny one at that. We [America Blacks] gotta fall back if we think it is okay for Black comedians to poke fun at other races, yet get offended when they poke fun at us. Their jokes stereotype as ghetto, ours stereotype them as toothless trailer trash.

    As a gulf-coast girl, I wish Obama would get gangster with BP. We are talking over 40 days and nothing has been accomplished. I say “Let the leader lead”, so maybe the Pres needs to go into the next meeting strapped and shoot a fool in the foot. See how much longer the leak goes on after that!

  • ITS A JOKE! Bill is a 95% comedian 5% political commentator…plz..where you been?!

  • pet

    Bill Maher is a closet racist, plain and simple!


    Damn.. How stupid are some of you?.. If you didn’t spend all your time on blog sites and actually watched Bill Maher’s show which is called “REAL TIME with BILL MAHER” and not “politically incorrect” as some misinformed oaf stated somewhere ^up there you might actually know the difference between racism and comedy.. Maher’s original point was that the President was acting like he wasn’t the leader of the free world and should act with more conviction and “balls” (for lack of a better term) when trying to get things done in Congress.. It was NOT RACIST.. PERIOD.. He was simply stating that the President could do a better job of making decisions, sticking to them, and GETTING THINGS DONE!


    The sad part about it is, I’m BLACK and NON-AMERICAN and I know these things.. While I love the USA almost as much as I love my own Country (we’re only about 150 miles apart) I’m forced to wonder what a lot of you are doing to yourselves.. Don’t spend all day everyday on this website, THIS IS NOT NEWS… GET INFORMED OR GET LEFT BEHIND!!!..



  • J. Garcia

    Lighten the Fawk up, BOTH whites and blacks. It is called COMEDY! Do you morons no what “comedy” is? Besides, I hear white celebrities like Jay Leno and Kinky Friedman, as well as black entertainers like Coolio and Ice Cube, talking Shyte about Mexicans and Asians, and no one says a word about that. Bring on more white jokes and black jokes! It’s comedy.

  • J. Garcia

    Sorry…I spelled “know” wrong above in the second sentence!

  • Tomlin

    If anyone knows anything about Bill Maher the one thing he is not is a racist. He’s one of the only people in the media that consistently brings up black American issues that are otherwise left alone in the media on his show.

    Chappelle, Lawrance and Kat Williams all have bit’s making stereotypical fun of whites. It’s just comedy and it’s funny. do I have to say it? Lighten up people. Like Maher says about President Obama, “He’s not your boyfriend he’s your president”.