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Michael Jackson's Kids To Receive $33 Million Each In Inheritance


With the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death approaching, it seems as if the inheritance that his three children will receive has been revealed.

According to News Of The World, Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, will each receive $33-million dollars.

Knowing well that his children would have to endure vultures and skeptical characters out to befriend them for their fortune, the kids can’t get full access to control their father’s estate and money until around 40.

Jackson’s kids own 40% of his estate, while his mother Katherine has another 40% and the remaining 20% was left to charity.

The will also shows that his father Joseph and his brothers were not named to inherit anything.

Now that’s what you call having your kids set for life and if they do squander it, they will be old enough to know what they’re doing and can blame no one but theirselves.

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  • Duff

    I luv MJ n I can understand him not leaving his farther any cuz he cheatd on his mom n beat them down alot. What I dont understand is him not leaving his brothers anything? Besides Randy what did the rest do?

  • shalonndramarie

    What about his sister’s?He didn’t leave them anything either. I love MJ with all my heart, but he did leave more than them behind. It seem like it was out of spite. They were trying to get him off those same drugs that took his life. As far as his daddy goes regardless of what went down, it say’s to honor your Father and Mother, for your day’s on this earth will be long and prosperous. Anyway’s I’m glad he looked out for his mama, let’s hope she is more kind-hearted tham MJ. R.I.P

  • i think that’s fair and smart way for the way he wanted. He loved his kids and adored his Mother. They were his life in his last years on earth. But i also think they will end up with way more than that in the end. Close to half a billion

  • nonya

    I think Mj knew his mom would take care of his brothers, sisters etc.

  • Al

    Why should he leave anybody else anything? Only his kids deserve his money and that’s it. His brother’s and sisters should EARN their own money than riding on the coat tails of their brother.
    And his DAD? Forget it, he deserves nothing.
    The whole family, excluding Janet tried making money of MJ, even in death. Shame on all of them.

  • lesia

    Leave LaToya anything?

    Anytime she was short of money or she could be in the spotlight, she ragged on him on television, he should have left her one cent.

    And his brothers? They had money they should have invested it well.

    Only his children deserve money.

  • Michael Jackson is dead. who cares about the money..we miss him!

  • Isabel

    MJ always gave the money to his mum instead of Joe but that doesn’t mean it was only for her. It was for Joe, too but he left his mum in charge of it because Joe is terrible with money. I think, he gave 40% to his mum because he knew she will spend it wisely on the rest of the family. He would not have given her that much if it was for her alone. Think that also explains why he didn’t leave it to his brothers either.  They would just spend it all and then what? Now they will get whatever, whenever they really need it.