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She's Baaacckkk!!! Kat Stacks Returns to Address Everyone [Video]


Everyone remember the music that played right before Jaws the Shark rose up and ate someone?

Well, it’s sort of the same type scenario as a royal smackdown wasn’t enough to keep Kat Stacks away.  She’s returned to the camera.

…Sigh…tried to warn people to just let the woman fade out but of course not.

Of course never the one to hold her tongue, she addresses her assailant, Bart, and lets Bow Wow have a piece of her mind.

“Bow Wow, you a dumba** Beyotch.  Everybody knows that you and Bart are best friends, you even took a picture with the motherf**ker like a day after what the Fawk happened.  Like, how stupid could you be.”

No one is safe from the wrath of Stacks as she opens up on Bow Wow, Bart, Fabolous and even Natalie Nunn.

And it just made sense to throw this extra tidbit in.  It’s almost metaphorical.

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  • Banjo14


  • Wow! Rat Stacks gonna learn one of these days to shut the Fawk up!

  • zoriansmom

    At first I was neutral on the Katt Stacks situation but now I’m getting burned up why does this chick keep having diareaha of the mouth speaking about people? She needs to leave it alone stop telling their secrets giving out their personal info let it go. Does she know how serious this could get?

  • Sistar


  • Sistar

    I hope she don’t get killed I swear they better not hurt this chick or they all going down.

  • Mike

    Stop giving this hoe air times puhleaseeeeeeee

  • NettiLovesYou

    Good Lord….that has got to be the MOST ANNOYING female voice I have ever heard. Like nails on a chalk board, Boboo….. “Bart” shoulda slapped a piece of duct tape on that mouth.

  • letsb4real

    This is Kat Stacks? Is she related to Buckwild??

  • Gabulous

    Kat –I know you read this blog because it constitues your existence so please believe that you need help. In all seriousness this is a mental health issue, GET HELP. This life is not healthy for you and yours.

  • phatphat

    some of yall are so stupid. she talkin cuz yall listening. shes pretty smart. using yall to gain fame.ingenious. these rappers r stupid for responding. guess u dont hav to b a genius to rap

  • thejetplane

    you have to respect her chutzpah. she’s not shutting up.

  • sinn

    i love this TWIT she such a bird heeheee!!!! i aint pay to f.u.k her so she can continue entertaining me 🙂

  • mscherrypoppins

    This young lady needs a real friend.

  • juliemango

    Nice top/shirt. Hey KS elomo’s “voice” makin him $$$$$$$$!!!

  • Ho or not no woman should be disrespected. Somehow we take jokes way to seriously. No matter her uniform or if she’s disrespecting herself, there is no reason for anyone else to add to her lack of self respect.

  • Vicki

    This has got to be the sleepiest skank i ever seen, she takes more pictures sleep than awake.

  • jingjing

    she wants to be ghetto soo bad , sheesh lol

  • guetty

    LOL @ i sound like Elmo.. she funny

  • ariana

    speak the truth boo, it’s about time somebody airs these dog’s’ laundry…